3 years with shuffle.

Hello! I have third anniversary on February, but I hadn't time for recorded a new video, sorry for it. To be honest, I was so bored, hah! The big news is you can check my new video atm! Are you happy? These aren't my all skills.. I think so ­čśÇ By the way, thanks for support ­čÖé It's really important to me. SUBSCRIBE ME! I DON'T OWN THE SONGS! TRACKLIST: 1. Zeds Dead ft. Omar Linx - Out For Blood 2. Anne Savage Vs Kidd Kaos - Pure Sensation (Phil York & Dark By Design Remix) 3. Cally and Juice - Music is moving (Luca Antolini & Andrea Montorsi remix) 4. Chase & Status - Flashing Lights (Feat. Sub Focus & Takura) HONORS: #31 - Najcz─Ö┼Ťciej komentowane (Dzisiaj) #4 - Najcz─Ö┼Ťciej komentowane (Dzisiaj) - Rozrywka #41 - Najcz─Ö┼Ťciej komentowane (Ten tydzie┼ä) - Rozrywka #24 - Ulubione (Dzisiaj) #6 - Ulubione (Dzisiaj) - Rozrywka #37 - Najwy┼╝ej oceniane (Dzisiaj) #5 - Najwy┼╝ej oceniane (Dzisiaj) - Rozrywka #23 - Najwy┼╝ej oceniane (Ten tydzie┼ä) - Rozrywka

25 Responses to “3 years with shuffle.”

  1. Slash1234678 says:

    i love the last clip, its like amazing melbourne club shuffle, id kill for your style. Well don´╗┐ and congratulations.

  2. alaphonse331 says:

    1:36 getting a´╗┐ little too close

  3. Dem0nicel says:

    @Neville1337 Pierdolony! haha´╗┐ <3

  4. Neville1337 says:

    @Dem0nicel 60k przebite!´╗┐

  5. HardDancerNathanZ says:

    @antekordic you don’t´╗┐ need to have phats to shuffle.. NOOB.

  6. Plesniorowy says:

    no skurwiel 60k za moment jak´╗┐ ty to robisz XDDDDD

  7. kyleebinkley says:

    That shit´╗┐ is dope as fuck.

  8. ananasi8899 says:

    Good! And damn, you guys are gay.´╗┐ He don’t need phat pants? Who said shufflers have to have that ugly pants?

  9. gay´╗┐

  10. antekordic says:

    3 years!? REALLY!??! and NO PHAT PANTS!??!?
    u suck.. no matter how good maybe ur´╗┐ shufflin’ is..

  11. Shufflefreakful says:

    @VideoGameMaster007 Well, he’s pretty good! And yes, i saw the whole thing..
    It’s just more variations in his moves will make it even more better!´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  12. Neville1337 says:

    @leoniastyy no spoko, ale tu nie´╗┐ ma duo XD

  13. leoniastyy says:

    Duo z Siemensem urywa´╗┐ cyce : D

  14. VideoGameMaster007 says:

    @Shufflefreakful How is he now going on´╗┐ beat? Did you see the whole vid?

  15. VideoGameMaster007 says:

    Yo nice smoothness ´╗┐

  16. ultimethalofreek says:

    you have to admit tho he´╗┐ was on brick for the first part

  17. Shufflefreakful says:

    Also´╗┐ you aren’t going with the beat!
    feel the music man

  18. Shufflefreakful says:

    My´╗┐ 3 weeks is better than this!

  19. epichardstyle700 says:

    lethal m8 u in any groups if not u should tryout for´╗┐ bassprivacy

  20. carr65car says:

    i got to say he is barley´╗┐ better then me but i shuffle WAY FASTER!!

  21. Karpeev73 says:

    your best shuffle skill in this video)´╗┐

  22. SouthWestShuffler says:

    Nice shuffle dude , expect abit mroe after´╗┐ 3 years, more variations of spins and should have a 2 styles to switch things up

  23. SouthWestShuffler says:


  24. Neville1337 says:


  25. XBUSTOSX559 says:

    Good job.. U did improve im 1´╗┐ year and 2 months im progressing too:) U should buy phats… Ital look good on u. No homo:)