This is my second tutorial in this tutorial I will be going over advanced melbourne shuffle moves Enjoy

13 Responses to “How to Melbourne Shuffle(Advanced)Pt.1”

  1. sebastianvbb says:

    only´╗┐ 6000 people got to the advanced shuffling part

  2. x0myheart0x says:

    Awesome videos! ­čśÇ Thank you´╗┐ for taking your time to make them to help us ! ^-^
    Keep up the good work, && keep shuffling going! <3

  3. 5ColorRice says:

    @leftyloks9 wtf?

  4. punkcandy961 says:

    @leftyloks9 hee´╗┐ hee

  5. mrsubscribe11 says:

    @leftyloks9 ? ´╗┐

  6. leftyloks9 says:

    do your feet smell gosh i can smell it through the computer oh´╗┐ wait its my sister hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  7. Paramethius says:

    “ohhhh! ok.. that’s why I´╗┐ was explaining it wrong!” lmao
    Nice vid anyways, helped me a lot. =)

  8. coioteshuffler says:

    nice shuffling . but,try to learn some tricks´╗┐

  9. coioteshuffler says:

    melbourne shuffle and hardstyle´╗┐ shuffle are the same ting

  10. MissGoldenAngelGirl says:

    you´╗┐ helped me A LOT!
    thanks ­čÖé

  11. ScubzMcTalBowling says:

    is´╗┐ there a difference between melbourne shuffle and hardstyle shuffle? also do you jumpstyle/hardstyle?

  12. yoshirules123 says:

    Man its about time´╗┐ more vids are up from Shufflers ­čśÇ

  13. jordoshuffla4life says:

    4:50 i found that out by just mssing while´╗┐ shuffling :L its quite good accully :L