Just some old clips of me rocking out ­čÖé Song: Showtek - Beats of Life NBC - nuclear ballerina crew
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25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle + Showtek = Deadly combo! (HD)”

  1. @dmendiola37 Personally I don’t´╗┐ see how leopard tights and a shitload of bling is any better than this? I’d say both styles kinda work depending on the music. Peace!

  2. dmendiola37 says:

    @anutypenterntainment Those pants are for homos just like you stupid ass! This dance is full of shit and that was the past! Now is NOW!! SWAG´╗┐ is what its all about! Not baggy shit! Fucken Cunt!

  3. anutypenterntainment says:

    @dmendiola37 just another hater. go listen to your bieber you flaming faggot! this is what the world has created not a bunch of god´╗┐ damn lmfao swagger jacking homos. weve been doing this for years. try a renegade warehouse sometime idiot! like this is you hate haters lol just figured id toss that inthere

  4. dmendiola37 says:

    Are you mopping the floor with those mop´╗┐ pants???

  5. xXJohnBlack2Xx says:

    Hey guy, you know what you do.´╗┐

  6. HEIS7qRuXx says:

    Amazing´╗┐ shuffle and Showtek is prrrrrime!!

  7. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    I am a shuffler. Check my´╗┐ page! ­čÖé

  8. NukerStyler says:


  9. ikillu1sec1 says:

    1:00´╗┐ “masterbaution”

  10. GraphiqOG says:


  11. montezque says:

    kusin´╗┐ housuun

  12. RomaraAhallow says:

    Pretty´╗┐ good yo.
    Loved the almost window collision ^^

  13. Cez4rang001 says:

    I LOVE this´╗┐ song!!! Showtek FTW!!!!

  14. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    Im´╗┐ a shuffler. Check my page! ­čÖé

  15. Damn your shuffle is sick. How long you been shuffling?


  16. Yantar205 says:

    @nlxliberty lol i guess you dont know what PHAT PANTS is…this pants are using for better illusion´╗┐ of gliding… i’m sorry about my english

  17. nlxliberty says:

    why you where that´╗┐ pants? it dont make you nicer or faster , only ugly then you allready are. nice hoody do you shame for what you do? yes you are.

  18. varyproshot says:

    who melbs in l.a? every1´╗┐ i knw just does that lmfao or malay.. -.- pple dnt knw wat melb is..any1? lol

  19. slipknot9821 says:

    So… Did you break that window´╗┐ yet? :3

  20. spdsniper100 says:

    beast it makes me wonto post a vid of me´╗┐ shuffilin

  21. just awesome´╗┐ !

  22. TheMightWonderBread says:

    you went hard as fuck´╗┐ at the end.

  23. mattafer0323 says:

    OK this is just plain sick!!!!!!!! Nothing else to it. Great´╗┐ shuffling man keep it up

  24. HardStyleIsMyStylee says:

    wow…awsome shuffle….”one day that window will brake because of me”´╗┐ hahaha…xD

  25. 2Crazyness1010 says:

    Are you´╗┐ guys like…. In a School? 0.0