i just select my fav mikki vid's, and make this edit for fun. enjoy 🙂
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Responses to “Mikki Melbourne Shuffle”

  1. mandythabaddest says:


  2. song list please

  3. ninesoundsystem says:


  4. first clip of him is so fuckign nice !

  5. CrazyFeetSEA says:

    this song makes me nostalgia hard to the good days

  6. keenanfriday285 says:

    @lilscrilla34 i agree there just LMFAO fanboys -.- expected to have LMFAO on them probably

  7. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    Im a shuffler. Check my page! 🙂

  8. lilscrilla34 says:

    o-o OMFG, whats wrong with the music?
    either u came here to watch Mikki do his thing
    or you just came here for the F_kn music. wow
    JUST ENJOY THE MAGIC BRO. be gangster like me ;>

  9. Denivic123 says:

    @EarpollutionSML ur right about the beat but the music stil sucks :p

  10. EarpollutionSML says:

    @Denivic123 fucking ignorant kid. you don’t need hardstyle to shuffle. as long as it has a beat it works, so go crawl back under you’r bed.

  11. keenanfriday285 says:

    @Denivic123 it doesnt matter if it not hardstyle as along it a good beat

  12. hskrichardtang2 says:

    welcome to the club now
    gonna pump it now
    this is an emergency
    music is my galaxy 😉

  13. @slyrez

    bcoz people (mostly ignorant kids) expect hardstyle songs on every shuffle vid which i think is ridiculous.
    Manian is awesome. ^^

  14. valerdesh15 says:

    i am watching Mikki videos x)

  15. idlk why people hate the first song. its such a fun song to shuffle to

  16. Charmer96able says:

    wats the last song?

  17. hardstyle455 says:

    @hardstyle455 I AM SORRY THE FIRST IS dj manian welcome to the club

  18. hardstyle455 says:

    @crazyhalokid34 The KGB’s – Techno Gym (Hardstyle Guru Remix)

  19. hardstyle455 says:

    @hardstyle455 AND THE 3RD ALEX KIDD -PING PONG

  20. hardstyle455 says:

    @hardstyle455 I know the second musc
    The KGB’s – Techno Gym (Hardstyle Guru Remix)

  21. hardstyle455 says:

    @hardstyle455 I´M SORRY I DON´T KNOW