pae & sarah

shuffle n hardstyle
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  1. ClixRangedGaming says:

    what’s the name of the first´╗┐ song? ­čÖé it’s pretty awesome to shuffle to! ­čÖé
    (not lmfao, but real melbourne!)

  2. as it´╗┐ is called the song that appears after the first minute

  3. Hs2theHeart says:

    Pae has been my inspiration since i started shuffling!

    I really don’t like the way people shuffle these days, kicking has hard as they can´╗┐ and sliding as far as they can.

    Please watch my video! i love the ORIGINAL shuffling!


    Pleeeeease give this THUMBS UP! thank you:)

  4. zzirgrizz1235467879 says:

    its not hardstyle!´╗┐ and you guys has destroyed that f cking song with you noob´╗┐ shuffle! DISLIKE

  5. B3engMarine says:

    Where can i learn to shuffle like that?´╗┐

  6. ShuffleAllDay55 says:

    check my page shuffling´╗┐

  7. Leische1222 says:

    They´╗┐ can shuffle!

  8. FatFuckGaming says:

    and they still haven’t got that chewing gum off their´╗┐ shoes…

  9. I fucking hate LMFAO… they think they can shuffle, but´╗┐ they cant. they┬┤re like Berlin Shuffle….

  10. ShuffleAllDay55 says:

    check my page can i´╗┐ shuffle?

  11. B3engMarine says:

    what is shuffling?´╗┐

  12. publicityrecords says:

    The boy is good, but´╗┐ the girl sucks

  13. AzwraithPL says:

    What a blatant disregard´╗┐ for friction.

  14. LeeLEElee135 says:

    Best duo shuffle ever. Period. Better than LMFAO. Period.´╗┐

  15. gabulina312 says:

    THIS´╗┐ IS SHUFFLE !!! and not that f**king LMAFO or what ever thay’re calld!!

  16. dp7shamrock says:

    EVERY DAY´╗┐ I-M SHUFFLING!!!!!!!!

  17. Tavishication says:

    they can fly!´╗┐

  18. Brainfuck91 says:

    check out my´╗┐ videos…hope i can shuffle ­čśë

  19. ShuffleAllDay55 says:

    check´╗┐ my channel can i shuffle?

  20. TheFacelessKill says:

    LoL likes´╗┐ you ­čśë

  21. XeroMansion111 says:

    This is a´╗┐ perty HUD video

  22. XeroMansion111 says:


  23. Can i Shuffle?
    Don’t be too harsh, im only a beginner and learning ­čÖé


    P.L.E.A.S.E give this a THUMBS UP so others can see!´╗┐

  24. miihnogueira1 says:

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