7 groups join this comp... champions HMC 1st runnerup FUNKA FACTION 2nd runnerupSTONEDGE judges Amirul and Speedodevo djs apekwhuut and davex
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Singapore Street Shuffle

*WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY* S'pore Street Shuffle on 14/12/08. *Videos uploaded and simple edit by Surah **There is NO battling scence ***Some of the pictures and videos is courtesy of Ayie and Yifan ****Sorry guys if ur not featured:( *****CREWS/TEAM _E.MO , HOT , HSRevanants , HFS , HM , SDF ,HSRockers , HTS , THA ...n loads ... here is the list of song in order ­čÖé sorry for the late reply everyone.. Showtek-Hold Us Back Bass Agents-Bass Control Ganjaguru-Overload Katy Perry-Hot and Cold Showtek-Raver
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “Shuffles Competition Maison 2009”

  1. bladeshreder007 says:


  2. NewHardStyle100 says:

    Funka faction esta chido agan mas video llo los miro´╗┐ todo en tienpo comenten en Facebook nene nitro

  3. XtremeGamingPorkchop says:

    OMFG i knew it Funka Faction And of course there gonna´╗┐ win

  4. DASLAYBELZ says:

    Dj Slideout – Bloody Pimp 0:00
    Showtek – Hold us´╗┐ back 1:01
    Noise Machine – Out Of Range (Part 1 & 2) 1:59
    East Clubber – Russian 3:08
    Noise Provider – Bits & Bytes 4:05
    Kamui -´╗┐ Cheers 6:08


    5 – Noise Provider – Bits´╗┐ & Bytes

  6. arlugino says:

    yeah!!´╗┐ FTW!!

  7. edgarleon2 says:

    check out´╗┐ my shuffling video called Escape from Wonderland Presents Hardstyle in Wonderland, and Shuffle town. by´╗┐ clicking on the link in blue below called´╗┐ edgarleon2, and check me out on my shuffling/hardstyle/dubstep/da┬şnce page and post your dance, shuffling videos for reviews and tips on getting better on shuffling.

  8. Mabinogeek says:

    HAH! and finish with some tektonik. so´╗┐ great

  9. DjPulseK says:

    Frekaing A man, the last two teams´╗┐ raped.

  10. No 3 power´╗┐ tektonik and dance !

  11. iiLuvesMifamilia says:

    are they all´╗┐ asian???

  12. KriTofer8141 says:


  13. JaredRPaddock says:

    This is all so good!
    I love group shuffle choreo like these´╗┐ guys all do!

  14. mrstevey1232 says:

    no emotion or anything…. >.<.... same routine´╗┐ everytime time, nothing is new in it.... bored!!!

  15. hardstyle455 says:


  16. CrutialProductions says:

    Thumbs up if you had a smile when you watched´╗┐ this ­čśÇ

  17. Ploppaupop says:

    Are you stupid? Then you’ve never seen´╗┐ real shuffle

  18. 2Boobie4 says:

    amazing´╗┐ ­čś«

  19. invadergrr420 says:

    still… i thin itd be awesum´╗┐ n if u could incorperate breaking n popnlocking with harsstyle..itd be the best dance group ever!!!

  20. KayZeeFx says:

    damn i´╗┐ need those last two songs aswell ­čÖü

  21. hardstyleknocker says:

    that loooks soooo coool from´╗┐ above

  22. Karabazik says:


  23. hahahaha!´╗┐

  24. WorstCommenter2008 says:

    Everyone´╗┐ who actually pays attention to the video can tell that though.

  25. MrRetardedScientist says:

    And I’m not surprise´╗┐ as the COMMENT I got is coming from an anime lover .

  26. MrRetardedScientist says:

    Stating facts = SORE , DUMBASS and NO´╗┐ LIFE , thanks , now i know what kids nowadays thinking :B

  27. MrRetardedScientist says:

    How´╗┐ am I being a SORE , DUMBASS , NO LIFE ? You’re like 10 or something ? Aww sad for ya … The way you talk make you more like a dumbass …

  28. MrBlackClonez says:

    how you get´╗┐ phhatt pants??

  29. Sasuke98764 says:

    Sial nice´╗┐ =D

  30. DJEctasyX says:

    when is the next shuffle meetup?´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  31. doomvictorer says:

    Anyone pls i begging where to´╗┐ buy phat pants in singapore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. justforexperience says:

    why does´╗┐ LMFAO appear on the right? they suck at shuffling

  33. bangladash123456789 says:

    where do you buy the´╗┐ phat pants??

  34. Hersheychocolate567 says:

    Song @´╗┐ 0:58?

  35. XheadshotyouX16 says:

    you suck at dancing life.. you dont even have any video! billionaire? i bet you and zero no air you shit face.. and you create a friggin youtube account for what? to cmment shit?? all you do is commenting shit on someones video huh?? what would you feel if i say.. indonesia dance all suck.. like shit.. face ugly.. do you like it? no rite? so stop judging singapore or ill judge indonesia…´╗┐ and again.. YOU suck

  36. Shuffle Battle?´╗┐

  37. HSRepublicShuffle says:

    Anybody wana join HSR only singaporeans..age doesnt matter…´╗┐ Email me at HSRepublicShuffle@gmail.com

  38. Whr you buy the PHD hoodies from?´╗┐

  39. mhcampboy says:

    you guys must have lots of shoes to spare… wouldnt´╗┐ it spoil the soles? ­čśŤ

  40. zDJStarr says:

    You can shuffle? Cannot then shut the fuck up.´╗┐

  41. mrnolife11 says:

    yea n its comfortable to do this in singapore u know we learn things from each other n´╗┐ make mistakes as well but well theres the fun in it

  42. mrnolife11 says:

    girl suffler rite there aint´╗┐ bad better than some of the guys

  43. okie´╗┐ dokes!

  44. SimpleDesire95 says:

    Wow really?´╗┐ I sub’d and added you as a friend. Im Singaporean too ­čÖé

  45. cos´╗┐ that’s me shuffling. LOL ­čśÇ

  46. SimpleDesire95 says:

    Why´╗┐ haha.

  47. shotingstars says:

    haha ;D´╗┐ no prob

  48. OMG, you so made my day. LOL (: even if´╗┐ this comment is 1 year ago lol

  49. you made my´╗┐ day (: lol