Hi! Third part is here! Maybe not the last ^^ ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Tracks: 1. (0:00-0:54) Dash Berlin - Til...

16 Responses to “My Inspiration | Shuffle Compilation #3”

  1. BillyShuffle says:

    Good Compilation ^^, i like it. – Billy

  2. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Zajebisty koles

  3. Audrius Koncius says:

    nice ! ๐Ÿ™‚ bn thi prorock

  4. Picasso Chang says:

    11. Areep <--that my bro xD

  5. NOW THIS IS A COMPILATION of good shufflers. Well every compilation has
    good shufflers, but this is what I like and my kind fo music.

  6. nice comp. ^^ – BI // MaYaa

  7. Michael Chester says:

    Just beautiful man…you got good taste

  8. Henrik Holmberg says:

    Lots of shufflers that I haven’t seen before, props for finding them! Good
    compilation however it gets a bit naggy after a while, much of the same
    style. Keep it up!:)

  9. nia2008xxxx says:

    <3 BN / HR - Niaa.

  10. Mohd Ariff Iskandar says:

    Thanks For Putting Me In -Areep

  11. Great comp man:D!!!

  12. RBPresents says:

    Nice compilation. <3

  13. Good job! kciuk w gรณrฤ™ + fav :).

  14. AlVaro neto says:

    oh my god, jo,ice the best

  15. angelowsalzer says:

    oooh, nice comp thx for puttin me in bro! 5* + fav thpice!

  16. Dylan seiko says:

    Thx for puttin my bro ๐Ÿ˜€ like and fav !!!!! Seiko – Bass addicts –
    Hardstyle Republic – The Hardstyle Effekt .