Shuffle Compilation - MAS Style [ Part 3 ]

Shufflers in Orders 😀 HR - Speedodevo D.O.P.E - Airon H.E.R.O - Weel THF - Sham D.O.P.E - Phynks MI - Crash MI - Axe MI - Zerox No my best edit , 🙁 But , i...

Hello again, we are having realy hard times right now with our dance groups but here we are still, one more video ^^ Next time Toxic will bring hes Phat Pant...
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33 Responses to “Shuffle Compilation – MAS Style [ Part 3 ]”

  1. Bruno Rodrigues says:

    good shuffler ^^ view my video thanks my style MAS, SAK//AXXL!

  2. Videta Sudintaitė says:

    liked ^^

  3. Renco Chen says:

    part 4?? still have??

  4. Tutuzin131 says:

    @HardMover7 Ooooh really ? Good for you : )

  5. dude this is really awesome!! i love it!!! good job

  6. marcelo ovando says:

    callate reculiao

  7. rockalelee DelacroiXe says:

    hi ^^ great video is perfect shuffle … what is the name first song ???

  8. nice dude good compilation H.E.R.O II Gonzo

  9. Night19940607 says:

    hm yeah awesome!=) great job man=)

  10. Jaime Tadeo says:

    i just jizzed my pants!! XP Sick wit it

  11. Alexandre Ahseng says:

    wow , perfect comp , niceeeeeeeeeeee ! congratz ! KG THI – Alee

  12. Luiz Felipe says:

    Kojiro eu vi os 3 videos e pans todos ficaram otimos, só nao vi um video
    seu ai no meio *-*

  13. oOxXTimXxOo says:

    push zerox to the front with a more powerfull song!!

  14. glauber117 says:

    NICEEEEE COMP. I LOVE IT *O* Crash and Weel, i love their styles. 5*+fav BR
    | Glaauber is a HF

  15. Matheus paixão says:

    niiiice kojiro! DOPE | RippeR

  16. Nicee comp bro OBG *—* Gostei + Favoritos 😀 H.E.R.O | Weel

  17. Melhooor comp mto foda,todos fodoes pqp 5/5+fav DOPE|THI:: Berts Monster

  18. @sk8croto o que vc quer dizer com isso ? ._.

  19. muito bom mano 😀 Z-MILE

  20. Jonathan Clark says:

    Sick wit it is a good song. Look up 1080 avalanche.

  21. randrizzy808 says:

    nice vid love the editing 😀 you should make another compilation with USA
    members with MAS style ;D fav+sub TBKS||RUUNR

  22. nice comp !!!!! 😀 good edit

  23. randrizzy808 says:

    may i please have songlist now? (;

  24. Big Digger Nick N says:

    Nice comp! 5/5

  25. Andrew dos Santos Cardozo says:

    COMP FODA *-* Zerox have a nice style *-* gostei + FAV DOPE | Dexter is one
    of TE

  26. SkillaCash says:

    So awesome 😀

  27. DMC Shuffle says:

    oh ofcourse ^^ it is Headhunterz – Save your scrap for victory

  28. magizterzable says:

    Name of the first song?

  29. Awesome, better graphics next time?:)

  30. Jiffa Thunfors says:


  31. pika girl – S3RL

  32. DMC Shuffle says:

    we’re using a trial version of AVS Video editor so the Graphics will be bad
    until we get a licenced copy.. But we will afford it soon ^^

  33. magizterzable says:

    no i mean the first song Zoul shuffles to