HSK Mikki (latest shuffle)

Just a small comp for HSK Mikki of his late shuffle hope you enjoy ­čÖé ::Songs Released:: Dark By Design & Section 8 - Crazy Dark By Design vs Phil York & NDJ - Lead By Example (Vandall's Tuff HT Mix) Karpe-DM - Stomp ( 2007 Battle Mix ) Kindervater - FTP013.07.974 Noizy Boiz - On It With Xtc
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

51 Responses to “HSK Mikki (latest shuffle)”

  1. Knugent54321 says:

    @JIJIHDP 0.0 I thought he moved there!! I’VE´╗┐ BEEN LIVING A LIE!!!?!?!?!

  2. rootaay says:

    @Threesin i try to make my best i am almost going to have one year shufling hardstyle but i have much more to learn but afraid to show my self in public, lots of support from my´╗┐ team HSI malta ;D

  3. dadoofusbeats says:

    @Threesin T1M didnt quit he just joined the russian miltary when he gets back he will´╗┐ make a video

  4. Threesin says:

    That’s messed up, many GOOD hardstylers/Melbourne shufflers have quit such as Mikki, T1M, And many others please bring´╗┐ this back.

  5. rootaay says:

    if any people say mikki isnt that good any more it cause he quit once a person stop´╗┐ practicing he forgets everything

  6. Evolution2110 says:

    the place looks´╗┐ like the same place francis did his stuff

  7. CrimsonArmada69 says:

    This´╗┐ new style of mikkiz sucks

  8. CrimsonArmada69 says:

    @sterbill1 Idk´╗┐

  9. TheGagable says:

    type this and watch it——-Epic dance battles of history – shuffle vs´╗┐ jerk pt.2 ——–

    who´╗┐ wins mikki or julian???

  10. DarkBlader0071 says:

    0:00-0:25 look in´╗┐ the background, and you’ll see Doraemon Shorts. Kinda hard to see with the epicness in the foreground. EPIC SHUFFLING!

  11. AldoSevenvoldaqw says:

    @sterbill1´╗┐ Mikiizz

  12. STDJERSEY says:

    @TheFLKiIler Mikki doesnt have a facebook and he didnt buy a house´╗┐ with his girlfriend ecause him an Jen broke up way back

  13. regenal123 says:

    He´╗┐ probs get’s suspended from school, coz he rips the ground up.

  14. sterbill1 says:

    @CrimsonArmada69 what is HSK Mikki’s´╗┐ account?

  15. AldoSevenvoldaqw says:

    @STDJERSEY he means´╗┐ he;s not MikkiHskDk

  16. juanchocostone says:

    This is HSK mikki notice he uses Jens slide´╗┐ only ture shufflers now

  17. DenlingCantShuffle says:

    @STDJERSEY Nvm´╗┐ ..

  18. STDJERSEY says:

    @DenlingCantShuffle No´╗┐ this video is Mikki that account that JIJIHDP says isnt Mikki

  19. AldoSevenvoldaqw says:

    @thakris96 dumass he dyed his hair into brown n he´╗┐ change his style

  20. thakris96 says:

    this is not mikki….´╗┐

  21. palaidor says:

    You in´╗┐ Rei *.*

  22. TheMishieee says:

    @mikeeemike33 they are just the names of some´╗┐ shuffle crews here in melb like HSK is Hard Style Klowns and so on

  23. DenlingCantShuffle says:

    @STDJERSEY I know him too and its not him?.´╗┐ Ived been together with him IRL. The one from Denmark

  24. pyromancer948 says:

    @mikeeemike33 hardstyle klowns hardstyle addicts etc lol´╗┐

  25. IHKJasonakaBladeZ says:

    Might I say man, that i’ve watched this like´╗┐ soooo many times, and it never fails to amaze me; his shuffling and your song choices are perfect for his rocking style! ­čśÇ

  26. MrSikira12 says:

    What is the´╗┐ track starting at 2:00

  27. shk10189 says:

    damn´╗┐ stayc got smooth hand movements

  28. lovro1994 says:

    can somebody´╗┐ tell me the name of the song that starts in 2:00

  29. darkglaider says:

    Dam those godd time when shuffle was nice now its gone ­čÖü thanks lmfao hope you get nailed by a´╗┐ huge black dude

  30. Braunicanshuffle says:

    big nice shuffle movie dud┬┤s happy birthday´╗┐ ^^

  31. CsIxSNAT says:

    ├ůssen l├Žrte du´╗┐ deg det christopper???

  32. KiwiNzz says:

    ill be postin a vid az soon az i can.i startd shufflin in 07 in melbourne.i came bk to NZ and developed a more flowy style.tho i .dnt like to hardstyle.more flow style,its a style i rekon everyone would enjoy,so keep an eye out.with in the´╗┐ nex week or so.:D shuffle isnt dead,just diffrnt.you’ll see lol.

  33. Laithe1 says:

    @abcdf753 nah´╗┐ i didnt, i was planing on going only to find out it closed 2 weeks before hand… i have the best luck ever haha

  34. abcdf753 says:

    @Laithe1 lucky you lol.. Im jealous that you guys have all these shuffle clubs to go to. did you get´╗┐ to go to PHD before they closed down?

  35. Laithe1 says:

    @abcdf753 good thing i´╗┐ live in Australia then ­čśŤ

  36. abcdf753 says:

    @Laithe1 scary stuff´╗┐ indeed. I see that every weekend as i live in Los Angeles where everyone shuffles like this.

  37. Laithe1 says:

    @abcdf753 oh god´╗┐ i need to burn my eyes now… that was pretty terribad

  38. abcdf753 says:

    @Laithe1 maybe you should check this vid out then´╗┐ lol… i must warn you though.. its pretty terrible :/
    Los Angeles is full of theses guys… /watch?v=pWIAcfQ49rY

  39. Orozco805Hardstyle says:

    hahaha the girl right next to brenton at 2:38´╗┐ is doing malaysian shuffle lol

  40. Zipee27 says:

    Epic´╗┐ !

  41. xxMattz says:

    @wKoMoon look at elle’s´╗┐ vids

  42. D7Double7B says:

    1 step´╗┐ running man is so gay…

  43. josetorres101 says:

    y cant´╗┐ i dance??

  44. yamumsbum007 says:

    best fucking song!!!!! its even better when you are fried like a fucken egg!!!´╗┐

  45. stay-c is´╗┐ the best female shuffler ive seen so far

  46. voodoobiscuit says:

    man wish i had a 21st like this instead of´╗┐ going down the local and sinking my body weight in guiness

  47. SiCkOfReAk65 says:

    @Laithe1 haha yeah never heard that before ! none of´╗┐ the moves relate to shuffling xD

  48. Laithe1 says:

    @SiCkOfReAk65 yea i know what you mean personally i think jumpstyle makes you look retarded but thats just´╗┐ my thoughts….since i learnt that it supposedly is a form of shuffle it has baffled me and still does ­čśŤ

  49. SiCkOfReAk65 says:

    @Laithe1 Jumpstyle is a form of shuffle? don’t see any similarity between the two´╗┐ :Phaha

  50. vsboy25 says:

    i think i might my birthday´╗┐ party there, unlimited bar tap.

  51. DJ_East_Funk says:

    Been a big fan of Mikki for some time now…since 06 i think. Anyone REALLY knows what happened to him? Like has he actually quit? Or is he just busy with college/university. Or did he pass away? (praying its not the last)

    Thanks. And please, only legit info