shuffle competiton @ sri sedaya school
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Shufflers out there!! Your number 1 song stop!! So Sit back and relax because these songs will blow you away ­čÖé

35 Responses to “JB ROCKA Champion @ SRI SEDAYA”

  1. zickrad2 says:

    apa lagu dia´╗┐

  2. XxDeaQueenxX says:

    not´╗┐ bad.

  3. ericthenoob2 says:

    buat apa kat sekolah saya lol´╗┐

  4. gilEwOvEr says:

    bak´╗┐ pok..


    JBR gO!!!

  5. Bluestyler92 says:

    Is this song remixed? I´╗┐ love this song

  6. slumberretro says:

    serentak siak!!
    gempak seyh..
    but music hancus ckit..
    mmg ar..
    check skanation hardstyle´╗┐ vid plak..
    vid aku ar..

  7. PHDagent says:

    1st song is make it faster – cruz abd the white feat dj´╗┐ steph =)

  8. aRemaL88 says:

    i want the name´╗┐ song….

  9. rompakan123 says:

    name song????´╗┐

  10. wowwa19 says:

    congratz´╗┐ bro…lama tu 4minit..

  11. ChukieSpoiler says:

    Jb Rocka ni´╗┐ training berape lame ???
    Nampak smart jgk.,.,


  12. apekwhuut says:

    wooo´╗┐ !!!

  13. ganjaguru2000 says:

    great sync at the start ­čÖé nice´╗┐ work. 1st min was awesome

  14. spriggOr says:

    neice ! !! just nice ! !

    it’s impressivew how simultanous you’re movements are…. go on´╗┐ ! ! ! ­čśÇ need more stuff ! !

  15. iqalshifter says:


  16. FendiSharingan says:

    gile x´╗┐ suke siot..
    sebab smart sgt la..

  17. mafiashuffle says:

    smart arr…´╗┐

  18. wohhh…

  19. eurotrance says:


  20. LoveSexEmo says:

    Thank you so much!´╗┐ This helps a lot

  21. megapoopdog123 says:

    At first I thought it´╗┐ was Dark Octopus.

  22. CrazedCasie says:

    Dude i´╗┐ dance my ass off to dark oscillator stereophoiba ­čÖé hell yes i get down;)

  23. stubby01111 says:

    good shit´╗┐ this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. terrence77477 says:

    I don’t always shuffle to´╗┐ hardstyle, but when I do…I listen to Donkey Rollers – Hardstyle Rockers

  25. iBanqScenekiddz says:

    <3´╗┐ them all(:

  26. HardElectricKidz says:

    malaysiann sucks dick all´╗┐ about harsyle! bitchess

  27. 91quintin says:

    First song´╗┐ Kicked everything off!!!

  28. gio34ful says:

    harsyle sucks dick all about malaysiann!´╗┐ bitchess

  29. gmora1000 says:

    eso pongale lo nombres´╗┐ no como otros pendejos

  30. Rockergirl961025 says:


  31. LankanDevil69 says:

    umm you can download it on limewire… or from the net… the end song is called´╗┐ Hot n Cold by Katty Perry ­čÖé i hope that helps ­čśÇ

  32. songwen0 says:

    cant find showtek colours of the hardstyle anywhere… zz
    any idea where to find´╗┐ them?
    wats the song at yur end of the vid btw… ive heard it but do not know wat sone it is ^^ thanks

  33. LankanDevil69 says:

    thanks alex´╗┐

  34. HarderStylesOfBeyond says:

    thanks´╗┐ bro

  35. HarderStylesOfBeyond says:

    good´╗┐ as romesh.