Probably might be my last comp for now depending on the amount of schoolwork and SAT shit that comes at me. This wont be all that great. I rushed to make this and it's obvious in some parts of the comp (I nearly stayed up until midnight). I'm not making a Best of Feb. comp, that's for sure. I have to chill 😛 Shuffler List (in order): Knazzo Sam Xero Yan Light Slim Instinct Marchhair Haang Pooka rocky Jenne Danny Dimsim Swifty Sacco Rownzzz Jordii Cecil Shadowzz Brandon Markinz Black rickershayy Track List: Steve Hill vs. Technikal - Sawtooth Dentist Evbointh - One Wish [Daniel Kandi & Mark Andrez Remix] Ruff Driverz & Arrola - Dreaming (Alex Kidd s Sunset Mix) Neon Lights- I Can't Help Myself (Frisky Vs. MDA vs. Spherical Rmx) PHATT - Damage Control (SHOKK Mix) Organ Donors & Kidd Kaos - Silence (Original) Masif DJ's - Silence (Technikal Remix)

Two shufflers from the country of Malaysia having fun in a park back in 2006.

50 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation: Best of January and Late December”

  1. TheMoovetrick says:

    Yo. the shuffler @ 4:39 is amazing. hellla slick style.

  2. Pastaliebhaber says:

    Great Compilation!

  3. StanCanShuffle345 says:

    @nosbp2 Drake feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem – Forever

    sorry 😛

  4. ending song name?? haha he didn’t list it

  5. ihumppies says:

    I really like this Compilation 🙂 VERY AWESOME!!!!

  6. Darkphire25 says:

    i would like to be in one 😀

  7. XxLILMAN02xX says:

    Moar… :S lol love it.

  8. StanCanShuffle345 says:

    @AtraxTrh MAS (malaysia) melbourne shuffle is essentially still the melbourne shuffle, but with more unique variety added to it (kicks and spins, etc.).
    nowadays, you see everyone shuffling with the same moves over and over, like they learned how from a robot.

  9. @StanCanShuffle345 what is MAS melbourne shuffle?

  10. 09Insanity09 says:

    this is like the best shuffle compilation ive ever seen 😀

  11. sooo good comps ´:D

  12. DimsimProductionzz says:

    omg man i LOVE your comps man
    they the number 1

  13. Rockylols says:

    @gwazdediors Today’s your lucky day.

  14. NIce nice which one is rocky wat min?

  15. gwazdediors says:

    that Guy “Rocky” is amazing. Love his style ( guy at 4:40 ) Maybe somenone know where to find original video 🙂 He reminds me Matt in 2006 :).

  16. JayTeeAZN says:

    nice comp!
    and thanks for putting me it it ^^

  17. Ch4osSh4dow says:

    @xpziim thats dimsim the dude after me lol XD


  18. StanCanShuffle345 says:

    @Sterosukkerz lol

  19. who’s at 6:20??

  20. Sterosukkerz says:

    “there is still MOAR” ??? xD

  21. Shishafreund says:


    Yes , Sir! 😛 I won´t do

    Yep , I know what you mean =/

  22. StanCanShuffle345 says:

    yeah…i get what you’re saying…
    go ahead and do what you want, but please, don’t overextend the shuffle to a point where everyone tries to copy you.

    that’s like what happened with the MAS melbourne shuffle, if you know what i mean.

  23. Shishafreund says:

    mh sry..
    I should have added that , when people ( girls ) watch me shuffling they really like it! That gives me an extra kick for dancing better 😛 I´m shuffling for myself , not for others.. but I like it when others talking to me , because my shuffle !
    In Germany Melbourne Shuffle is not that well – known.. Many people have heard of it , but never had seen it 😉 so I am the first guy they see shuffling 😉
    What about my english? 😀

  24. StanCanShuffle345 says:

    but on your 4th point, it seems like you’re making more of an impression than an expression by wearing phats at a club just to shuffle, if you catch my drift.

  25. Shishafreund says:

    1. I liked the action in his shuffle.. maybe he wasn´t that good , okay. But he really felt the music and had his own style!
    2. I think buying phats after 3 weeks of shuffling is noob and TB
    3. Buying phats because others do have, also..
    4. But buying phats because they look such nice is ok 🙂 I like most of the phats because they give you a “Dark Hardstyler” look 😀 and they´re glowing in disco.. so people are more looking at your shuffle then without ! Sry for my bad english

  26. thetaxiucla says:

    Definite like from me. Love how the arm movements add so much fluidity.

  27. kebablarz says:

    @pablosii1 sorry to have to say this but you sir are an idiot.

  28. pablosii1 says:

    that is 1 gay ass song

  29. PiEcEProductions says:

    Like how Shuffle started in Malaysia =D

  30. krelledrengen89 says:

    @sk8erj141 Axel Coon – Lamenting City

  31. AnythingButHuman says:

    Check out where I teach some lil kids to shuffle, its funny shit.

  32. Epic Background, Epic Songs, Epic Shuffle >>> Epic Video

  33. sicsempertyrannis7 says:

    ♪♪ ılıll̲̅̅●̲̲̅̅̅̅=̲̲̅̅̅̅●̲̅̅llılı One day I would love to come dance with ya Aussies! Heard you guys know how to have a lot of fun! Woohoo! 🙂 Props to both of these guys for having a great time dancing, cause that’s what it’s all about! 🙂
    Anyways I posted myself liquid dancing on my channel… Would love to hear feedback and make friends! Much love all! ılıll̲̅̅●̲̲̅̅̅̅=̲̲̅̅̅̅●̲̅̅llılı ♪♪

  34. iLUV2FORGE says:

    2nd kid doesnt know what the running man is.

  35. MegaRaver21 says:

    i realized alot of malaysians dont have any slide affect or glide.

  36. sk8erj141 says:

    What was the last song plz??
    Does anyone no????

  37. RustleXer says:

    ……that’s not shuffling.

  38. malaysia steal it? bullcrap
    i remember pae & sarah promoting this ‘new’ dance in world cyber games at kuala lumpur
    don’t advertise it if you want to keep it to yourself

  39. carelessthe1andonlyy says:

    checckkk my vids out plz (;

  40. dude..
    we shufflin juz for fun bro..
    not for the comp or anything else..
    are we gulity juz shufflin for fun..

  41. whats the first song called?

  42. MrChiHuaHua33 says:

    hey…u really nid train !

  43. peixeboi555 says:

    music !!

  44. SYAZIERAZMIL says:

    wat r u trying 2 do, huh???? zapin ya????

  45. CantTOuchThls says:

    y must the hands move? and ur weak  when u try to liquid and the moon walk…weak too

  46. XxXRoffeXxX says:

    Awsome ;)

  47. ChrisizANub says:

    this is cool!
    maybe you can check my shuffle out and criticize?

  48. rafael420100 says:


  49. peterthen12 says:

    practise more..

  50. RoxxaneDuck007 says:

    lol i know the tall guy….my street cred has just increased …….or decreased =.=