me shuffling. rockin' baby! song: It's a Dream (DJ Manian vs. Yanou Ext. Vocal Mix)

25 Responses to “Melbourne shuffle Soft!”

  1. MysticAtt says:

    @Nestapoke All´╗┐ though I agree with you that it ruined it, it also is more famous and brought me here. Gotta go through all the sleaze and dirt to get to the soft and shiny part ­čÖé

  2. Genetix89 says:

    put some shoes´╗┐ on

  3. Nestapoke says:

    This´╗┐ is shuffling.

    Hard step ruined a perfectly good artform.

    Hardstep is a for little kids who can’t dance.

  4. MonsterEnergyNinja says:

    @Mozsa But it´╗┐ is a form of shuffle non the less.

  5. Rossini32 says:

    q´╗┐ cal├ža feia da porrrrraaaaaaaaaaa

  6. it would´╗┐ be nice to see your legs:D

  7. sushii4you says:

    You must teach me,´╗┐ Sensei.

  8. TateTheDoze says:

    why are you wearing half´╗┐ suit.?

  9. FAYTification says:

    hey everyone check out me and my crews shuffle videos CFH (created for hardstyle) you´╗┐ won’t be dissapointed we have some of the best shuffling around! ­čÖé

  10. jakstrance says:

    Wow this is´╗┐ sick!!!

  11. FAYTification says:

    hey guys check out me and my brother shuffling also check out my crew CFH (created for hardstyle) if you like the melbourne shuffle you won’t be dissapointed i promise´╗┐ ­čÖé

  12. GhostsMayCry says:

    @SeanShuffle The original shuffle is this. LOL Melbourne Shuffle comes from many T-Step with soft runnigmans.. put skaters and sportsman added the strong agressive Runningman to Hard bass, creating HardStep, to Hardstyle. I enjoy both Shuffles. At least these two are the two founders of it. Malaysian shuffle in the other hand its something out of the box.. They dont even T-Step… dissapoints me. and they´╗┐ call it Shuffling? Shuffling is T-Steppin.. not Runninmanning. LOL Oh well.

  13. SuperShogun87 says:

    U doing this so fucking perfect that It´╗┐ looks like the floor is made of ice

  14. FAYTification says:

    hey check out my family shuffling/cfh videos and let us know what you think! keep´╗┐ shuffling everyone

  15. @Mozsa´╗┐
    hardstep is from original shuffling…..

  16. bboyfreeze2 says:

    soft style are always the best~
    more´╗┐ steps can be combine~

    whereas hardstyle is only basic steps, if you realise it~

  17. @blacky5464´╗┐ Prolly gets laid more than you ever will.

  18. simply´╗┐ awesome

  19. omgitsmaya says:

    lmao´╗┐ word.

  20. AntixD1337 says:

    Smooooooth. Like it. :)´╗┐

  21. SeanShuffle says:

    @Mozsa entirely agree, i hate it when people bitch at me´╗┐ for ”going to slow” nobody knows what the original shuffle is

  22. savagesnowball says:

    @Mozsa Your opinion´╗┐ is like a penis.


  24. @SHuffleHardDieTryinG i know´╗┐ but this style^^

  25. juanacho3 says:

    fucking nice… for how long have u´╗┐ been doing this. i started a month ago, but i cant get much practice because the laidy down stairs lol