If you're around NY, we'd love to have you join us! Join the Facebook Group : www.facebook.com The video was very short because our day was ended early by a noise complaint we got. The cops came, and that's why the video doesn't have much footage. Better luck next time!! Share this video on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Google+! _____________________________________ LINKS: My Main Channel: bit.ly My 2nd Channel : bit.ly Twitter : bit.ly Tumblr: bit.ly Google+ : gplus.to Facebook: on.fb.me T-Shirts: bit.ly Snail Mail: PO Box 216 Mill Neck NY 11765 _________________________ Tracklist : Fuck it up - Wild Motherfuckers Do it again (electro mix) - The Chemical Brothers SHFL - Phats Life V like Venusian - Dj Gius Universal Tranzmission V2 - Kidd Kaos

25 Responses to “NYC Shuffle Meetup”

  1. VideoGameMaster007 says:

    damn that sucks.you´╗┐ can come visit if you like =D

  2. Yay ­čśÇ wish I could but I live in hawaii x) naw I actually wish all of yoou guys could´╗┐ just come here ­čśŤ lol.

  3. VideoGameMaster007 says:

    Of course bro! =D just join the group,you can come to the´╗┐ next meet

  4. CPoptropica says:

    I wish I was near NY. I’m not as good at shuffling as these people. But I actually shuffle. P.S. I’m mlp_Derpy_ on Twitter. P.P.S. I’m only 11. P.P.P.S.´╗┐ Thanks for the video that helped me to running man. P.P.P.P.S. My fingers are getting tired typing this.

  5. Is it ok to go to a shuffle meet up in hopes that you could ask someone´╗┐ to teach you cool new shuffle moves? X3

  6. mstwitchie411 says:

    I think u should hold another shuffle contest lol and the winner will get a´╗┐ domo XD

  7. irisxcarina says:

    Heey Juzdin I’m a longtime subbie ­čśÇ You subscribed to me a while ago´╗┐ and I have no idea why..? I don’t think you ever watched one of my videos so was it just to be nice or something?:3

  8. PeaceLovePebbz says:

    Lol. It’s NY. I live in Idaho. I mean the population is probably a´╗┐ street block there. xD

  9. OhSnapitsJuzDin says:

    We’ve been doing it way before it got “cool” True´╗┐ Story lol

  10. PeaceLovePebbz says:

    The´╗┐ kids in my town try to shuffle, imagine hillbilly Hispanics trying to shuffle. xD Very entertaining my friend.

  11. OhSnapitsJuzDin says:


  12. VideoGameMaster007 says:

    Not´╗┐ all but some

  13. VideoGameMaster007 says:

    I know bro but it just depends on the bpm,everyone has a different style and most´╗┐ of them here are not really soft style

  14. Ravers… Don’t…. Shuffle……´╗┐

  15. IshDat1KiD says:

    Most of´╗┐ this is hardstyle shuffling man.. haha.

  16. IshDat1KiD says:

    Actual ravers do.´╗┐

  17. x1BurntPatatoe1x says:

    plez reply´╗┐ too me

  18. perenniallong says:

    Soft style shuffing is a bit slower,´╗┐ and if you look up hardstyle shuffling, it’s a lot faster.

  19. OhSnapitsJuzDin says:

    Nope! Didn’t get a chance to film a lot. Got kicked by the po-po! And´╗┐ Click on 720p ! SUPER clear

  20. exactly, who still does´╗┐ it? xD

  21. VideoGameMaster007 says:

    what you mean´╗┐ softstyle?

  22. IshDat1KiD says:

    …Lol. Bro. You realize that Shuffling has´╗┐ been going on for.. 30 years now?

  23. ZeerStudios says:

    awwshnap this meet up video is actually good´╗┐ great job : 3

  24. 2:55 omg lol O_O´╗┐ scary shit

  25. WTF at the dude in the phats and converse shirt, that bitch be trying to hard. NYC´╗┐ GOT NOTHING ON MELBOURNE. give me some live AUSTRALIA WOOOOH