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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Chinese 9 Yrs old girl shuffling in front of TianAnMen square in beijing, the guy is her Dad...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Shuffle VS Jumping”

  1. METALMEXICA666 says:

    The´╗┐ Jumper could’ve got a little more hard ­čśŤ

  2. StudiPlay says:

    the first´╗┐ song please

  3. THEJJISOM says:

    @xTouchxMyxJunk´╗┐ thank you

  4. xTouchxMyxJunk says:

    @THEJJISOM thn check out ZOMBEATZ – HDC , he does a mix´╗┐ between them its pretty sick ^_^

  5. I do both. Jumpstyles more fun IMO and shuffling is more´╗┐ for the looks.

  6. alvertajcnf says:

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  7. Anastasiatheduchess says:

    Shuffle all´╗┐ the way <3

  8. silentnight306 says:

    @Javando100 do it man dont let it´╗┐ die ­čś«

  9. Javando100 says:

    @silentnight306 same here bro i love older school shuffling! like the hardstyle shuffling! ­čÖé but´╗┐ i live in South Dakota so nobody dances at my school! ­čÖü but i will try changing that ­čÖé

  10. alaphonse331 says:

    @THEJJISOM Ok,´╗┐ I’ll try doing that ­čśŤ

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  12. shuffle is good if solo but jumpstyle are better if´╗┐ duo

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  14. silentnight306 says:

    i love old style shuffling..ppl at my school like tht´╗┐ wack malaysian shuffle..tht style will nver go away in my heart xD

  15. what you talking about runescape in´╗┐ ur describson O.o

  16. paligamy93 says:

    y does jumping´╗┐ look like drunk irish/russian people dancing?(9.0)

  17. elotimm123 says:

    Ahhh this wasn’t´╗┐ oldschool shuffle… :s

  18. TheDeathisperfect says:

    @MonnoMr me too´╗┐ o.O ! ­čśÇ

  19. ryansnation1 says:


  20. rogelioxDD says:

    me encanta el shuffle y hardstyle, los dos son lo mejor que hay, me inclino un poco mas hacia el hardstyle pero me encantan los dos, a mi opinion, el electro shuffle´╗┐ es muy lento y ladilla, mejor es el hardstyle!! por eso me encantan las 2

  21. THEJJISOM says:

    screw´╗┐ picking a side i want to see a fusion of jump and shuffle

  22. THEJJISOM says:

    @MonnoMr finaly a good comment´╗┐ about both

  23. VJShuffler says:

    The´╗┐ Melbourne Shuffle

  24. thecrow90a says:


  25. busstopperhelper says:

    Songlist plz? ´╗┐

  26. tomoldinho says:

    whats the first´╗┐ song?

  27. FaiiryTaiI says:

    Holy thats dope´╗┐ man ! :O proo !

  28. ElementalLlamas says:

    Vocaloid´╗┐ music? Or ….

  29. @CamyFlash
    or they are just racist´╗┐

  30. Qaasim830 says:

    Hope my´╗┐ kids can shuffle as good as her………..When I have kids ­čśŤ

  31. xViiPeRzAciiDz says:

    I love how almost nobody cared seeing a little girl start shuffling but if some random dude started doing that in the US everybody would´╗┐ have a nerdgasm

  32. It’s good to see she has´╗┐ phats and wasn’t influenced by that retarded LMFAO shit.

  33. TheNeverdaless says:

    please anyone here knows the third song?´╗┐ thanks for your response in advance

  34. wizard101tc says:

    @nasairuka dude lol i´╗┐ will explain: first off it says in title CHINESE second off: READ THE DESCRIPTION DOH

  35. she got swag because S.W.A.G. is´╗┐ “Something We Asians Got.”

  36. Nikooh150Plus says:

    ooohhh q tierno :3´╗┐

  37. PinguXDPudding says:

    @chimakwanibawii Ieva’s polka´╗┐ [Basshunter Remix]

  38. idonnowut2do says:




  39. The texting helps´╗┐ alot :S …

  40. nasairuka says:

    @wizard101tc Explain to me how the hell´╗┐ i acted stupid by posting In japanese or what?… Hello they not only learn chinese some learn other languages to =P

  41. Sutcliff696 says:


  42. wizard101tc says:

    @chimakwanibawii idk the name but´╗┐ i know basshunter has a remix of it

  43. wizard101tc says:

    @nasairuka Well then you shouldnt´╗┐ of acted stupid!! -_-

  44. LesleyJimenez8 says:

    BEAST´╗┐ (;

  45. nasairuka says:

    @JesperSachteleben I Know Im not that stupid it says it in the´╗┐ title

  46. wizard101tc says:

    can someone PM the´╗┐ songs playing

  47. wizard101tc says:

    everyone is walking by´╗┐ like: what is she doing?

  48. CamyFlash says:

    160 ppl disliked because they’re jealous of a´╗┐ 9 year old girl who can shuffle better then ’em.

  49. curlypinkpigtails says:

    what the song at 02:04´╗┐

  50. JesperSachteleben says:

    @nasairuka she’s´╗┐ chinese….