Everyone do the Herki Shuffle. Herkimer Shuffling during half time. ­čśÇ Willows 19 - 14 Gridley

24 Responses to “The Herki Shuffle.”

  1. PyroLive says:

    I know someone getting laid that´╗┐ night.

  2. AlexChaffles says:

    why cant our school have´╗┐ a mascot like that ? :’c

  3. icemanKOL says:

    it already´╗┐ did!!! >:D

  4. OscarIsaac123 says:

    Malaysian shuffle is´╗┐ taking over >:D

  5. I know! thats why! i have more videos about Herki xP ´╗┐

  6. DJChiefyChief says:

    You’re other vids are great and all but, i would like to see Herki Perform More! Please film him´╗┐ again!!!

  7. Pitbull feat Ne Yo, Afrojack & Nayer ´╗┐ Give Me Everything (Bingo Players Remix) ­čÖé

  8. checkout my other videos´╗┐ ­čÖé

  9. XLMEntertainment says:

    Song Name?´╗┐

  10. DJChiefyChief says:

    More´╗┐ plz!!!

  11. LOCOCOCOMOTO says:

    Gods´╗┐ remix bro

  12. SuperDanielm13 says:

    2 people that dislike cant shuffle´╗┐

  13. BieberBelieber81 says:

    DAMN´╗┐ he dominatesss

  14. NumberoneThePimp says:

    what remix is this?.. and message me the info if u wouldnt mind.. and it looked like he´╗┐ almost tripped like 3 times but props haha

  15. i cant watch this vid all the way thru bc i end up repeating it´╗┐ lol

  16. okay? what is that have to do with anything? -__-´╗┐

  17. mrchowderman57 says:

    hes probably mexican

  18. roboattack2 says:

    the two dislike are haters on my cuzin there just mad that they can’t shuffle like that in front of there´╗┐ school

  19. shufflingqueen123 says:

    oMG!H’eS a BeASt:D

  20. TripleLegend says:

    sick lol. whats the name of´╗┐ the song?

  21. SuperDanielm13 says:

    i can do it now

  22. JuneyahSucker says:


  23. dano2012ufo says:

    man´╗┐ u are savage!!

  24. LuisEatsOreos says:

    What a beast!!´╗┐