This one come off-the-cuff so it was unprepared :].
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Melbourne shuffle. Huge betterment.”

  1. girlovestacos88 says:

    awesomeness :D!

  2. rgrigalius666 says:

    u do same fuckin things all over nd muzic is shit

    i hope ull do better next time


    Ur good!Keep it up!

  4. compared to other videos u are realy advanced shufler, keep it my friend 😀 P.S. vic maladiec, likau suzavetas melb shufle

  5. jackjilluphill1 says:

    when u r doing that walk in place or the moon walk make sure u fallow smoothly in ur knees and arms etc.
    P.S. i am the kid who tried the front flip and failed epicly

  6. Thanks bro ;]. Here’s the song: Andrew Spencer and The Vamprockers – Zombie

  7. Schmidy3737 says:

    nicce maan.whats that song called bro?

  8. Maaan u r so dumb or u just try to be. Did i said that i’m better – no. I just gave him a friendly tip. Yes i need to fix my hand movements too.

  9. u said to sum1 else to watch der hand movements yours are conformist and da same fuk off bak 2 ya poverty and corrupted government scum

  10. Thanks man i appreciate that ;]

  11. dats4real4 says:

    nice clean style man, keep it up, looks real good, better than me

  12. Tikekimes :]]

  13. Suprantama, neturejau galvoj ir ten sukaut kad cia toks ir toks sokis 😀 be to tie dundukai ilgai ir nesilaiko, atsibos ir pames nes daug darbo reikia ;P

  14. Manau nereikia reklamuot, nes ir taip jau per daug dunduku ji “moka” ir upload’ina video. ;]] Kam reikes tas susizhinos :] ir beto nebutu ydomu jei nueitum y koki klubu o ten vien mb.shuffler’iai :]]]

  15. T-U keep it up 😀 Just loosen up those arms 😉
    PS: Smagu matyt kad ir lietuviai shufflina 😀 Toliau mokykis ir “reklamuok” sita soki 🙂

  16. T-U keep it up 😀 Just loosen up those arms 😉
    PS: Smagu matyt kad ir lietuviai shufflina 😀 Toliau mokykis ir “reklamuok” sita soki 🙂

  17. Sweeeet lol, way better then me :O!! check my melb. 2 vid…im still beginner but i need tips to improve! 😛
    God its so freakin kuwl to dance 😀

    GJ! ltrr

  18. Good work guy!
    Lats post more vids =D

  19. Big thanks. I will. It’s kinda my passion :]

  20. AddictCanShuffle says:

    I think you are on the right way 🙂
    Looks nice :)!!
    Keep it up!

  21. nice shufflin keep the gud work up

  22. dabullsneak says:

    nice vid dat was FIRE

  23. Ahhhh youtube made it a little bit off beat :

  24. Hey thanks m8.
    p.s. Andrew Spencer and The Vamprockers – Zombie

  25. StyleSeeker93 says:

    nice shufflin bro…
    theres alot of improvement..
    keep it up…
    btw.. can give me the song title??