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Hardstyle Republic vs Melbourne shuffle Compilation

49 Responses to “★AOB★ PROJECT SHUFFLE 9 !!! ★2010★”

  1. IngridaLTUShuffle says:

    nice crew, like all styles ;oo

  2. thealeague says:

    A great crew still around, you guys have lasted a long time, great work and nice video :]


  3. wedance2trance says:

    nixe style
    ii like thiis faaaat stuff <3

  4. AngelsOFBassCrew says:


    8th of december.


    oi, whens next shuffle meetup?

  6. hardstyle2damaximum says:

    fuuuuuck thats tuff!!

  7. H3kTikDRIFTAA says:


  8. rizbliz2009 says:

    eyyy would you be able to put the songs up :)?

  9. buddyzaccount says:


  10. ToddShufflez says:

    Hahahahahaha ohh maan that just made my day 🙂
    Thanks hahaha

  11. HardStyleProduction says:

    @ToddShufflez says me? bahahaha what would you know you fucking scummy bogan cunt

  12. ToddShufflez says:

    Says you.

  13. TheHardStyleLife says:

    WOW u guys are so good

  14. AndyMcfarlane000 says:

    Ninja’s pro as 🙂

    – Andie

  15. GothicAssembler says:

    Niceee, really cool rocking xD

  16. dydi66shadox says:

    @AngelsOFBassCrew Thx a lot bro 🙂

  17. himekoXang says:

    amazing video *_*

  18. Rillster121 says:

    loolololol, did you know that Kissa is pee on Swedish xD

  19. cool

  20. mattisawsome13 says:

    hey mate,, where’s antho?

  21. Jessicatheemogirl says:

    NINJA you rock!
    Nice video!

  22. i watched this about 50 times now haha =)
    just too good!
    respect AOB <3

  23. whats the song names? x

  24. shuffler2010 says:

    The Eiffle Tower Building

  25. Sweet stuff,

  26. HeinekenLasse says:

    bro japanese girls at the end are damn hot

  27. clugerfinder says:

    song list please

  28. firsto song sounds to me like Tequee – Wishes but sounds more like a remix

  29. renan4137 says:

    essa mina dança mttt!! *-*

  30. Hatstyleboy says:

    das 1. lied ist Cool wie heist das

  31. wildkatze51 says:

    name of the first song? please.

  32. aan1991zero says:

    nape pompuan yang last skali tu,mcm gedik je pown.however,idop hardstyle

  33. wildkatze51 says:

    name of the first song?

  34. IGotHacks says:

    the girl at beginning is hot ( the movement when music starts is awesome)

  35. fuck your fucking electro faaarking carnts

  36. XxMrPerfectPRxX says:

    i get a boner every time i see girls shuffle ;}

  37. bukan shuffle,terperinci la skit
    idop hardstyle

  38. junandching says:

    2.11 that guy is good, others no good at all

  39. name song 1:27 plzzzz ^^

  40. bergomynkia says:

    name of song at 3:30 ? tanks

  41. abitruben says:

    hidop shuffle……huuu

  42. PleDesteR says:

    Qlimax – Ducktoy (Hardstyle)

  43. What Is the song At 1:27 ?????

  44. henke9100 says:

    It depends on the shuffler, not where you come from.

  45. ASHIF123456789 says:

    i also don’t know

  46. Geloko154 says:

    Eu tenho influenciaa da malaysia mas Melbourne tbeem tira onda

  47. kwlboywaz says:

    ROFL!!!! 1:30 hahaah!!! :O

  48. UndauntedShuffler says:

    they are called phats

  49. These are some sweet shufflers! I want to get some of those nifty huge leg pants. =D