Federation Square, Melbourne
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “03/05/09 Melbourne Shuffle Meetup @ Federation Square”

  1. The21skullz says:

    hahahaha anthony mad shuffler

  2. Tahufan1000 says:

    Fuckin’ awesome video! =D

  3. song at 2:56 plzzzzzzz

  4. It’s just not the same these days with he basshunter/hardstyle music

  5. enrico280183 says:

    what the name of the first first song? please

  6. Song @ 3:00 plz

  7. soo sick!!
    you guys kill it!

  8. melbourne shuffe has phants but u can make ur own style at clotches .. if u want

  9. DrUnnameds says:

    better songs pls

  10. KvsAfanzsanett says:

    I found the 3:58 music : Rocco vs. Bass-t – I cant take it (dancecore mix)

  11. how do i get involved?

  12. KvsAfanzsanett says:

    1:47, 3:19, 3:58, 5:52 songs name pleaseeeeeee

  13. Seryogaaa says:

    ur cam suxx, ur dudes roxx 😛

  14. KvsAfanzsanett says:

    track list pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  15. @Krusadahz

    lols, that guy is a noob

  16. HardstepTijuana says:


  17. 123 pump it up, to left to the right and move your hand side way …lol

  18. 1.2.3 pump it up , to left to the right and u guys for got the hand up.. lol

  19. IcExxxDrEaM3r says:

    The guy with the pink tank top!
    Fail or Win? 😀

  20. MAD AS!, whats the first song?

  21. Ya that Leon guy has a unique style.

  22. whens the next shuffle meet up?

  23. shuffler2010 says:

    ANOTHER SHUFFLE MEET IN MELBOURNE THIS MONEY THE 5th OF APRIL. meet at Federation square.around midday MONDAY THE 5TH OF APRIL FED SQUARE SHUFFLE MEET . welcome to bring friends

  24. everything is too chaotic to me, its like everyone is doing something..not like the old days.

  25. shufflemania123 says:

    Shuffle’s dead anyways only real place to do it now is at a rave where it supposed to be arr well all we got from shufflin is memories