Yay! Finally a year ^_^ Has been fucking awesome so far 😀 looking forward to many more years 🙂 Songs : Ivan Carsten - Bumpin' Hard Technikal - The Anthem Comment, Rate & Subscribe!
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11 Responses to “1 Year of Melbourne Shuffle – BS | RSM | Ecki”

  1. nowunknown00 says:

    @ShufflinForL1f3 idoubt you’ll find places to dance in winter 😀 winter’s in mu country now. so no real place :/ either way, good luck!

  2. ShufflinForL1f3 says:

    @nowunknown00 Cheers mate, its too hot to go as fast as i can so until winter this is my style. First song : Ivan Carsten – Bumpin Hard

  3. ShufflinForL1f3 says:

    @PvtJonCooke83 Nah its chevez lol Shox = Noah

  4. PvtJonCooke83 says:

    Is that noah? wow u really like shuffling shaz!

  5. nowunknown00 says:

    Sweet, might want to put some more speed into dat first style – otherwise, keep rockin it!
    – AoH || unkNown
    PS, whats da first song?

  6. ZonaCero000 says:


  7. brayantlvda says:

    nice!! i liike plz .song music^^

  8. TotalControler says:

    i just love it .. and you know what i’m making now :3 !

    HSU, RSM | TotalController

  9. wahlaonousernameone says:

    would like to see you shuffle at other locations pal, good shuffle as usual!
    stay tuned to my new hardstyle vid and the spins that i’ve finally gotten!

  10. lance85898589 says:

    Beast like grats on 1year bro 😀

  11. ProxityFlexicle says:

    nice shuffling keep it up