Thanks for all your comments and views and all your guys help. i couldn't have gotten this far without u guys. TTvTT i love you all. sorry Danny for not putting your pic up =3.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Picolo made this one for me
Video Rating: 4 / 5

36 Responses to “1 year of melbourne shuffle timeline”

  1. InclinedVibeStudios says:

    Could you put the songs you did for each month PLZ! really wana know the 4th month

  2. InclinedVibeStudios says:

    Could you put the songs you did for each month PLZ!

  3. uchihalink123 says:

    @bloodhound975 hahaty man. and what do u mean by ”
    21 minutes ago

    i got to ur 8 month in my first week”

  4. bloodhound975 says:

    i got to ur 8 month in my first week i regret stopping shuffling im just the type of person who doesnt finish wat they start =( GREAT VIDEO AND AWSOME PROGRESS U MADE MAN SUBBED

  5. grow a longer neck or try not to hunch too much 🙂

  6. uchihalink123 says:

    @InclinedVibeStudios its called nintendo hardstyle by vinganza

  7. InclinedVibeStudios says:

    whats the song for the 4th month

  8. TheJester830 says:

    yea man you have gotten alot better good job

  9. danggg!@!@! lol nooww i gota get catch upp

  10. Shinounik says:

    good job!!!

  11. daballa100 says:

    @kennydejavu u just want more views on your 1 year shuffle vid lol

  12. happy 1 year of shufflin! haha u improved alot bro!! keep on rockin!

  13. kennydejavu says:

    dayum akira! You forgot to tag my name >D

  14. daballa100 says:

    Vegeta! what’s it say about Fantasy’s shuffle level!!
    It’s over 9 thousaaaaannnd
    WHAT! 9000 no way that can be right!

  15. SuffixDanger says:

    yoo bro its awsome 5*****

  16. nice;) keep it going!! keep it going!!

  17. shuffle2293 says:

    dudE!! U HAVE IMPROVED ALOT!!! haha niceeee keep it going!!

  18. JosephBilic90 says:

    hey mann nice vid 5* ive been shuffling for a yr and 5 months check out my latest video

  19. kennydejavu says:

    YAY :3

  20. COTIJApredatorFilms says:

    u have improved a lot dude!
    and nice vid too!

  21. sparkyboomman7 says:

    Awesome bro!

  22. BRYCE1q2w3e4r5t6y says:

    bro wicked timeline!

    at 9 months your so good!

    but yeah man pro through the whole thing!! WHEW!

  23. Hardstyle784 says:

    wow dude you were pro from the start ^_^

  24. Wow!! You’ve gotten really good! =D congrats on one year!

  25. henrikfrede says:

    Noob shuffle

  26. aznpartyqueen says:

    best shuffle girl ive seen (y)

  27. robheaton123 says:

    @WilliamsSebastian Godlike!

  28. WilliamsSebastian says:

    Unis shuffle is Godlike !

  29. maxmileano1 says:

    sou do brasil, gostei do video legal ate+…… 🙂

  30. ADAMSKA001 says:

    Wow, you’re amazing 5/5
    Shuffler and sexy :O

  31. chicken1115 says:

    wow that was awesome 5/5* =)

  32. Nice shuffle! =) 5/5 😉

    check out my film =]

  33. she’s back, woohooo 5*

  34. jianZHardstyleZ says:

    nicee comeback vid xD

  35. oh yeah ;D nice shuffling ;P!!1 5/5

  36. RaWkOnDuDe says:

    welcome back