city event people shuffling have fun
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This is the melbourne shuffle spin tutorial It will teach how to spin better than my last One WATCH THIS ONE NOT MY OTHER ONE This melbourne shuffle spin tutorial will help you shuffle comment and rate
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “1st Oct 2007 – melbourne shuffle”

  1. waaazzzaaa says:

    Sacco is the best (=


  3. whats is the first song ??

  4. JulietteJupiter says:


  5. linkinparkismusic says:

    lol yin&yang shuffle

  6. @408RAMOZ its either in perth or melbourne.

  7. avatar96cesar says:

    wat r the names of the songs

  8. UsaShufflerz says:

    1st song – fromt eh HarD KandY CD at MoS
    2nd – Dj Duro – Cocaine motherfucker (InQontrol)
    3rd – FTS – showtek
    4th – colours of harder style – showtek
    5th – what they don’t like – pitchers
    6th – clubland extreme
    7th – Theο»Ώ Pitchers – Pump It Loud! (Cenoginerz Remix) (HARDSTYLE II

  9. what’s the name of the song that starts at 0:18 and 0:59 please πŸ˜‰

  10. maniichetyY says:

    1:02 song pls

  11. wat was th3 Zong 4 (1:00)

  12. xgamer4574 says:

    what are the names of all the songs??

  13. XxAfroCoreBassxX says:

    Hey like rite at the end u cut sacco off

  14. Blayzovich says:

    yups haha they made that routine up but they did it better in another vid: hsk mikki vs. hsr row

    SBR//- Blayze

  15. intoxaction says:

    whats the song at 0:03

  16. BaileyBear11 says:

    Hahaha 1:20 looks fucking hilarious.
    *high pitched, fast voice* : “Look at all the ravers, ravers, ravers!!”
    Kudos to them. Shuffling fast is a talent.
    I’m stuffed after 30 seconds of it!! Haha.

  17. jammaster26 says:

    Whats the sone at 1:16?
    Plz and thank you

  18. hes right

  19. The last song at 2:17 is called Cosmic Gate – Exploration of Space.

  20. last songs like the END of the movie purple credits CMON TELL ME THE SONG

  21. the very last song O:

  22. reminds me of jump style and michael jackson moves combined in a way. cool tho.

  23. 101daydreamer101 says:

    FK I WAS IN THE CITY THAT DAY! i should of gona past lol

  24. hArDstYleDoepY says:


  25. ShufflingSkitzo says:

    was that sacco and intinct doing the duo?

  26. ThomaZo369 says:

    very impressive mate πŸ™‚ great detailed tutorial, and your obviously well experienced in your spins, and u have great balance πŸ˜€ thanks alot! ^^

  27. citystarsskatemt says:

    good tutorial man really helpful

  28. infernal6969 says:

    *Drinks somemore beer* Weee im spinning ooh noes i feel sick *Barf. . . Barf* XD ty For the good vid :p

  29. xmatthew15x says:

    lmao i keep hearing ur xbox go off lol

  30. djmadlad09 says:

    omg dats easy i av beeb shufflin 4 lyk a year but dis is good 4 beginers nd nt da worst way to spin nice job but your running man has a few flaws in it da high knees aint your thing tbh jst a obbservation and your spin kicks are perfect good job and dat back spin a do it alot and a let ma toes touch da thing a fell over doin dat am nt gonna lie a fell ova with a crowd watchin lol

  31. TheBeat4Life says:

    Adds to favorites πŸ˜€ Helpful it is πŸ˜€

  32. SumthinOriginul says:

    lol is that an xbox in the background wats making the beep noise?

  33. lol u put ur heel back when u glide spin but nice work PS. im not starter i just watch vids πŸ™‚

  34. MyeNameIss says:

    0:48 Xbox ftw

  35. funnyfunkinmonkey says:

    dude youre slammin your heels on the running man.

  36. iwannapetzombie4xmas says:

    ur spins are orgasmic.

  37. MrHardstylebass says:

    thanks bro, needed that im good at everything except spins ;D

  38. stevechristy19 says:

    fyi the ball of your foot is on the inside edge right behind your big toe. not your heel lol

  39. RobbyFly1996 says:

    listen at 0:47 ^^
    the xbox 360 when someones comes online or u get a message (:

  40. douglas0019 says:

    good tutorial !! IΒ΄ll wait that you post more *-*

  41. Thank you. Very good tutorial.

  42. ncastro12345 says:

    how bout doing it with shoes on… i dont think you can go clubbing in socks lol

  43. ncastro12345 says:

    do that shit with shoes on. i dont think you can go clubbing in socks

  44. this is a pretty good spin tutorial
    thanks! πŸ˜€ 5+

  45. Helped alot. Thanx man.
    Thumbs up

  46. NoLiezjustLuv says:

    ur spins are super clean! this is really helpful, thanks.:)


  48. KissHardstyle says:

    Very good turorial, gonna practice =D


    Watch and subcribe plz xD

  49. really good tutorial ,thanks man <3

  50. im gonna b so dizzy thnx eeeeeeeeee ^_^