I had to reload this video!!! it loaded half of it last time. I already had a video along these lines, but here it is again from another perspective, with another exercise to practice, and some more proof of hops.
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. they actually know each other, look it up on youtube

  2. Excellent vid!

  3. klofto212 says:

    I Made this comment solely to show that poeple stille watch this in the year of 2011!
    Hey 😀

  4. Very nice!
    Thanks to You I fully understand this now 😀
    Thank You

  5. is it just me or is this the same place pae and sarah was shot O__O

  6. MoSaibot says:

    Good work!!!^^

  7. Mudboy202 says:

    thanks man, you made it easier for me! thanks alot. w00t

  8. Fuckshitmanballs says:

    haha thankss dude this video really helped :]

  9. kingboomber says:

    fuck u

  10. staticslasher24 says:

    so i’ve been doing it rite the whole time n i had no idea, thanks man, this is helpful

  11. ItsBretter says:

    Yeah, it’s on concrete. I can do it on sidewalk and parking lots.

  12. Kratos00495 says:

    HOW do ur shoes make that sound i know that sounds stupid but seruisly i been doing shuffleing for a little while now maybe a week and it dont make that sound hahaha mabye i should do it on concrete =D

  13. madslasher666 says:

    That depends on where you’re shuffling: If you are shuffling on concrete or pavement, then footwear doesn’t make much of a difference. However, if you are on a smooth surface, then smooth soles will make it easier.

  14. grineflip says:

    outomahgrills – it doesn’t really matter what shoes you are using… it’s not moonwalking.

  15. hehesayssomething says:

    yeah man u rock i am with ur tutoirals.they helped me.

  16. outomahgrills says:

    hey milan what kind of shoes are best?

  17. ShinobiSl4sh says:

    lol besides looking like you have to go poop thats a good method 😀

  18. phillow says:

    so….1 hop is right?

  19. Good Tutorial !! i used him when i start my shufling :PP


  20. mooothecowsaid says:

    it’s taking me ages to do this move right! haha…but I’m practicing

  21. IAmYNROH says:

    you can slide theres nothing wrong with that. or you can hop…… you cant shuffle.

  22. BigMilan says:

    regardless – it’s STILL 2 hops, reganrdless of how HARD you do it!

  23. BigMilan says:


    we’re talking about PRACTICE

  24. FueledByCommunism says:

    Sure you can, just practice.

  25. Freak730 says:

    yer ok sorry it came out wrong i know its 2 hops i think wat i was gettin at was
    that it nearly looks the same
    and that sometimes u cant do it the proper way fast enough

  26. daniallazarus13 says:

    X banyak vid baru……. X macam dulu??? Klu dh x shuffle…….. HR dh jdi sejarah shuffle Malaysia..

  27. jordenilsom says:

    gostei do vi´deo kra adita um pra mim kaspkpsapksa” ~*

  28. SahMan22 says:


    EBS… Rotterdam
    dutch talent’s.

  29. ShLeo1611 says:

    ohhh mann CoOl!!! … xD

    Nicce Niceee !!
    man see my videoo!!

    Te | LeeO*

  30. HardstyleBozZ says:

    geil leute so solls sein

  31. typa – not too late
    dj merlin & dj c-base – no alternative
    didjital – demolition
    dj joop – the future
    dark oscillator – nero
    dj slideout – bloody pimp
    linkin park – what i`ve done

  32. lilundeath90 says:

    ok thank

  33. fecky52 says:

    typa-not too late

  34. lilundeath90 says:

    what fisth song name….

  35. pepexxx001 says:

    good Movi ! 🙂 *5

    „ø¤º°“HUNGARY` “°º¤ø„

  36. Gemini2war says:

    apsal letak menantang tu ganggu video jer support HR :)

  37. xWMxDixy says:

    nice vid, nice editing 🙂

  38. Akroliths says:

    jgnlah letak annotations!!!!

  39. afifahfauzi says:

    xsalah org pun…
    xnak cayer udah…
    kat myspace Aril@Ajam ada number fon 2…
    bodo tol laa ampa smua nie…
    kata HR…tp ar punya myspace pun xtaw…

  40. awiamin93 says:


  41. 1. Typa – Not too late
    2. Dj merlin & Dj C-Base – No Alternative
    3. didjital – Demolition
    4. Dj Joop – The Future
    5. Dark Oscillators – Nero
    6. Dj Slideout – Bloody Pimp
    7. Linkin Park – What i`ve done

  42. awesome comp!! Only old vids!

  43. BindNoob says:

    aw3sOme VID. very nioce ^^

  44. ar15armas says:

    esse video esta fera de mais…


  45. Choronade says:

    what name of the songs?
    pliz man!!

  46. azwee123 says:

    Ganjaguru- Not Too Late Mix

  47. EthnikWog says:

    wahz the song pplz nicee shuffling!!1

  48. izmeerul says:


  49. afifahfauzi says:

    see page no.2 in comment in this video..
    all song title in this video at comment page no.2

  50. afifahfauzi says:

    klu ko nk join HR call laa number nieyh..
    No. HP Musher The Rainbow – 0173036324
    apa2 pasal HR ko contact laa Musher..