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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “2 Playaz – Tune”

  1. Mau5dubstep says:

    Check out my shuffling videos part one and two on my channel recommendations allowed

  2. TheLocoDouble says:

    Hard Style! no phat pants but still movin!

  3. XTomppaTooX says:

    13 Turned screen upside down to like again :F

  4. HardOneLoLo says:

    this is Hands-Up

  5. aries50610 says:


  6. jackedpotatoe23 says:

    my girlfriend hate this song now i hate my girlfriend

  7. palioxwritis83 says:

    great beat

  8. damianjpslu123 says:

    elegancka nuta !!!

  9. raspberry951 says:

    thumbs up if u dance to this song

  10. jojob917 says:

    13 people shuffle like a retard doin the can can

  11. luigi1796 says:


  12. SonnYbcni says:

    im lovin this beat

  13. FPKMASSACRE says:

    Loove this song

  14. zombiekil20 says:


  15. AmShuffling says:

    i mean don’t hate them sorry

  16. AmShuffling says:

    11 haters don’t them or we’re just as bad fellow shufflers

  17. AmShuffling says:

    you think? lol

  18. mantve002 says:

    epic intro…✔

    epic drop…✔

    epic feeling…✔

    new pants……..✔

  19. dijeg24 says:

    11 ppl cant hardstyle shuffle.

  20. MrKillerstich says:

    jo xD

  21. VcKiLlEr033 says:

    von PuRe Vid oder ? des is zu nice xD

  22. VcKiLlEr033 says:

    Yo von PuRe sein vid!

  23. MrKillerstich says:

    PuRe xD

  24. Jockey135 says:

    epic (;

  25. youfail66 says:

    i was wonderin y i couldnt hear it. then i remembered to turn the speakers on