This is my first Hardstyle Mix i only put my favorite songs and parts in it. I hope you enjoy it. Rate and Comment please. For the Songnames look the video! Here the Download Link: Greetz Apo
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Jumpstyle Shuffle Remix

48 Responses to “2008 / 2009 best of shuffle and hardstyle music 1 / 20 ( with download link )”

  1. Nice! 😉

  2. ClaroCeroMentiras says:


  3. woow NICE!!

  4. blueturbo6 says:

    I’ll give you a link which deletes your youtube account if you would prefer that?

  5. cakeshoppe says:

    @TechnoPandaa Thanks so much (:

  6. cakeshoppe says:

    @skaterforlife999 Definitely ear sex, mate !! haha gf (:

  7. ReivinReichsfuhrer says:


  8. connector321 says:

    you can’t find it because it’s from The KGB’s

  9. denling12 says:

    sill <.< Sacco Ftw!?

  10. drumbeg12345 says:

    i didnt say he was best i said he was beast

  11. denling12 says:

    omg noob !!! SACCO!!!!!!!!

  12. teamjusticedrqwerty says:

    @Pincracker1234, here you are listening to some of the best hardstyle/shuffle tunes and you ask about trance ? :S
    My oppinion is that trance is gay :/

  13. pincracker1234 says:

    gimme links to where you find good trance mkays
    comment on my vids and tell me okays please tell me whejre to get them

  14. skaterforlife999 says:

    @cakeshoppe ear sex lol!

  15. TechnoPandaa says:

    KGB’s – Fahrenheit

  16. fannyfalcon says:

    that makes two of us

  17. evi0blackeagle says:

    please no more communist we have suffered enough lol

  18. cakeshoppe says:

    Mhmm, forever and ever (: BTW, I can’t find Fahrenheit by Project One anywhere :/

  19. powertankman says:

    Hardstyle shuffle FTW EVER


  21. cakeshoppe says:


  22. drumbeg12345 says:

    MIKKI is fuckin beast

  23. º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨
    ¸„ø¤º°¨F0R3V3R“°º¤ø Fr0m gErMaNy

  24. chupacapre says:

    It’s not Project One – Fahrenheit (Tecnhoboy Remix) it’s KGB’s – Fahrenheit etc.

  25. cakeshoppe says:

    orgasmic 😉

  26. @Pan631 the one at 3.38

  27. @Pan631 yea

  28. @SakaJR You mean the part after 1:17?

  29. wats the name of the third songs plz

  30. TheMadmonkey21 says:

    great songs 😀

  31. AdrianAdrikJumper says:

    @Pan631 Thank you very much

  32. @AdrianAdrikJumper If you mean the second Song its called Paffendorf Lalala Girl-The Real Booty Babes Remix

  33. AdrianAdrikJumper says:

    2. as the song is called?

  34. josselin309601 says:


  35. Hello, see my new video freestyle jumpstyle *-*
    add me as friend

  36. /watch?v=KKE7DQUr0kE

  37. starsnomercy says:

    @Shilorius Das lied heisst,,Weekend has come,,

  38. Vollheulen says:

    Hammer lied!..

  39. ProCod4Master says:


  40. The first Song should be Weekend has Come from SD force

  41. 1. lied please:)

  42. beermann1000 says:


  43. FreakeRocks1 says:

    echt geil

  44. btw., mich würde eigentlich jeder Song interessieren, die in dem Mix verwendet wurden ^^

  45. Das erste Lied im Mix, weiß jemand wie das heißt und vom wem das ist?
    Guter mix auf jeden fall!
    Does someone know the title of the first tune?

  46. RaveVHOFEN says:

    geht ab!

  47. TheErwin08 says:

    perfect to jump 😀

  48. NICE