This is my second Hardstyle Mix i only put my favorite songs and parts in it. I hope you enjoy it. Rate and Comment please. For the Songnames look the video! Here the Download Link: Greetz Apo
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25 Responses to “2008 / 2009 best of shuffle and hardstyle music 2 / 20 ( with download link )”

  1. StefanG081293 says:

    geil geil und nochmals geil !!!!!!!

  2. i think frontliner – warphole is the best song they did

  3. andy18edwards says:

    @Apokarimon thanx

  4. jh2k3j5hjkh says:

    I put on the first song up yesterday, just search for Scream! (Blutonium boy vs. DJ neo hardstyle mix) 🙂

  5. jh2k3j5hjkh says:

    Man you don’t have the first part of BBoy – Scream!… 🙁

  6. nysckysoo says:

    mto massa essa musica **——-” !

  7. good oheah

  8. StefanG081293 says:

    sau geil
    hammer bass
    very good

  9. djryry123 says:

    its the final countdown for the shufflers to emmence wit dis awsum playlist XD

  10. TasteofTerr0r says:

    Thank you for putting together such a bad ass playlist. =]

  11. fastcasttt says:

    spacer is coool but “Frontliner_vs_Mark Acardipane_-_Outside_World_(Outside_Spacer_Remix)” better ^^
    and it´s no mix it´s more like a playlist but it´s a goood playlist ;D

  12. fastcasttt says:

    muhahaha xD

  13. The first song is

    Polyushka polye original version

    but its not the hardstyle version
    cant find the hardstyle version =(

  14. What´s the name of the first song ?
    Blutonium Boy _ Scream!
    but , i don´t found this song

  15. MilanDaSupasta says:

    pfff hardstyle asstyle

  16. TysonLeeroyJenkins says:

    been download your music =) but says free traffic is exceeded =( =( i love your music can i get it any other way?

  17. fretalian says:

    & noob style is no style =)

  18. lonelyaquaboy89 says:

    WTF nice mix!!!! keep it up MAn !!
    erm….. may i know the 1st songs real name? i cant find it in youtube with blutonium boy – scream!…… can i have the link or the songs name?

  19. imba!!!

  20. colossusx7 says:

    Hardstyle….. is….. a…….. LYFESTYLE!

  21. <3 Awesome
    5 starz =))

  22. Apokarimon says:

    Edit :

    2nd Song:

    The Navigator – Another Shout

  23. ugotmeagain says:

    wtf is another shout mix one
    i want the real name of it!

  24. the bass kick asses

  25. RubioRaver says:

    Awesom ^-^