Melbourne shuffle compilation 1! 2 coming soon shufflers in order: -Markoh - Denni - Mikki - Some Random - Jay & Andreezy - Pacman - JessicahJealousy - Mattz - Benz - Treeko - Jace - Mattz - Benz - Ninja - Pace - Bulldog - Ion Msg me if you wanna be in number 2 COMMENT RATE SUBSCRIBE 🙂
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Do not hesitate to comment. Sugestions and critics are welcome. Hope you like it! THANKS TO ALL! As soon as possible i will be back uploading "shuffle videos" again 🙂
Video Rating: 4 / 5

51 Responses to “2010 Melbourne Shuffle Compilation by BK|chadd”

  1. EricB042389 says:

    What’s the song at 4:37???

  2. /watch?v=NPRpUzKIIpc

  3. TheHarderStylerzz says:

    What is the name off the intro track? :O

  4. please samaone tell my first song?

  5. love song at 2:55
    5/5 😛

  6. @shufflemania123 its okay to suck man, srlsy you will get tehre dw, justkeeep practising. i have no style hmmm yeah makes sense… rofl

  7. shufflemania123 says:

    @B3NOZ Mate ur just a fruitloop u have no style…. ive bein doing it for quite some time if i went back to my old old style id make u look like the biggest dick now fuk off

  8. @shufflemania123 hahaha looool! no offence dude but your style is taht bad

  9. shufflemania123 says:

    @B3NOZ lol fuk of ur worse then me

  10. shadowninja7194 says:

    This is really good. One day il get there lol.

    Check out my shuffling..i need tips/comments to get better btw.
    *marstaller shuffling*

  11. @STOMPaH11 😀 tyyy.

  12. @B3NOZ thanks benz. No worries. You deserve to be in it

  13. @erinaldouhs he is amazing!

  14. @iAlanz sorry i odnt know what thesong is ): so sorry

  15. pacman is so bad, good comp though 🙂
    thanks for puttn us in

  16. Nice Shuffle!
    Can u give me the name 4 bulldog song?

  17. erinaldouhs says:

    andrezyy *_________*

  18. @ccshufflers hell yeahhhh

  19. ccshufflers says:

    bulldog wins 🙂

  20. hardstyleshuffle09 says:

    @yiffzer Kinda lol, it’s how generations are. Like how people stop writing letters to other people instead they use internet or emails? Or instead of riding bike or walk people use cars? Lol Ect. New generations are coming we’ll just have to enjoy what it has given us.

  21. @yiffzer Fair enough man 🙂 I really understand what your talking about. Check out my ltest video. Do you think that i have spied up my running man abit? if not, show me a video of creative ahuffling, coz i really wanna look into it. Thanks man

  22. @hardstyleshuffle09 Yes, apparently this is a 2010 compilation. Do you like how the Melbourne Shuffle has all of a sudden lowered itself to uninventive runningman with limited shuffling (or even any shuffling?).

    But I digress.

    I still enjoyed the video, even though it doesn’t add anything substantive to an already oversaturated collection of runningman videos on YouTube.

  23. @STOMPaH11 Wow, way to judge me from last year’s videos. I don’t need to be good to point out the obvious. I understand the fundamentals and elements of the Melbourne Shuffle. The video (like 99% of all “Shuffle Compilations”) had absolutely nothing new to offer except runningman shufflers. And yes, your video is low quality – that also comes part of rating the video. But hey, it is your video! 😉

  24. shufflemania123 says:

    Whats BENZ song 😐 i want it

  25. jumpforce360 says:

    nice clip jung ;D

  26. Veja nosso novo video…
    See our new video …
    We live to dance | Teds & Tomate [ Rock’n’Raverz Team BRASIL ]
    Aus.shuffle VS Mas.shuffle
    By:Teds |RNR|

  27. avatardiboa says:


  28. Pow biel manda uns vids la no meu channel quero aprender MAS agr vendo voce dançanu… flws!

  29. @gabrielmy93
    isso é o foda do bandido =[

  30. macelocezar says:

    Voce pula muito

  31. gustavogarbiati says:

    olha meu vidioo plz?

  32. LOL!!!!!

  33. TrebelRebel says:

    mmm, very nice mate!

  34. gustavogarbiati says:

    OOOOOO curtiii cara
    Ai tem como tu da um coment no meu
    ajudaria bastante

  35. KaosForceGui says:

    master <33 =D
    KG || Guii

  36. nice

  37. 25K :O
    mto bem merecidos
    nunca cando de ver seus videos
    ja comentei uma vez mas se foda

    Divine Step • Foxxx | BassNeurotic

  38. ULTIMATEZuriko says:


  39. Ele é irmão da minha amiga !!!

  40. so pro shuffle
    keep it up

  41. dança muito,curti pacas.5*
    Larry = FHS =

  42. digitalbeyondcrew says:

    very nice biel fk yeeeeeeeeah man !


  43. OverloadShuffle says:

    Love your style man 😀

  44. yeaaa cool MAS


    IW | Infected World | Eternal
    From Argentina

  45. sally101ize says:

    dude your good

  46. EnjoytheIllusion says:

    watch my video…xD
    coment too!!

  47. EnjoytheIllusion says:

    watch my video…xD
    coment too!!

  48. 100nomenocd says:

    não canso de ver biel 😀
    o melhor MAS styler do brasil

  49. dança muito
    0:47 spin nice *-*

  50. Parabéns veey *-*
    cê dança demais ;D

    O melhor 😀

  51. what is the song at 3:40 ?? its amazing