The first shuffle of 2012.

Shuffling good

My newest shuffle video ­čÖé comment

49 Responses to “2012 Shuffle.”

  1. You are pretty good!!:) Btw im from HOUSTON,TEXAS!!!´╗┐

  2. Best Halloween Ninja Shuffle !´╗┐ ! !

  3. d3M0nDud3 says:

    u´╗┐ deserve a sub

  4. DoNotSignOutThisAcc says:

    Amazing song, Good video. love the´╗┐ shuffle part.

  5. didi3571 says:

    Nice! I like it´╗┐

  6. hindleyfc says:

    Hahaha i love how people think he’s´╗┐ black lmao

  7. SensationXBlack says:

    Song name?´╗┐

  8. victorparga117 says:

    were did u get´╗┐ your phats

  9. Crispy24rave says:

    good shit´╗┐ dude

  10. arschgrabscher says:

    @TriesToShuffle LOL^^´╗┐

  11. TriesToShuffle says:

    @BryanGallardo1995 Lol I had to put something in there to stall´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  12. BlazeChance1 says:

    @Charmer96able I’m black and´╗┐ I started Shuffling in December.

  13. BryanGallardo1995 says:

    This video would DEF go on my´╗┐ facebook, but only if 0:17- 0:26 was cut off.

  14. Youarefiredlulz says:

    It’s good´╗┐ to see more non lmfao shuffleing.
    Hardstyle ftw

  15. Youarefiredlulz says:

    @MrRaduki´╗┐ ^lulz

  16. toxxicl0ve says:

    name of the song ?´╗┐ pleasee :3

    nice moves ^^

  17. MrRaduki says:

    thumb up if you’re watching thi in´╗┐ 2011

  18. YouxSweet says:

    Nice :>´╗┐

  19. Tahufan1000 says:

    Nice shuffling! You’re style seems to resemble a lot of Mikki and Daniel, on ya son.´╗┐

  20. HardStylerz275 says:

    dude u r bad ass´╗┐

  21. BasketballWorld1523 says:

    Sean you´╗┐ killed it (: Proud of you son !

  22. JDawgS13 says:

    @Charmer96able I don’t find that to be true. There have always been black people´╗┐ shuffling in US. (not even just black people either) Saying that ‘NOW’ they’re getting inspired is an incorrect statement.

  23. kingzzz112 says:

    songname pls´╗┐

  24. SensationXBlack says:

    An american dancing shuffle to hardstyle… I’am honored to´╗┐ have watched your vid… srly….

  25. ChupacabraEL says:

    sisi ma geule !! respect´╗┐ old school style

  26. valetudokid says:

    hey guys´╗┐ I just made a shuffling vid to Rattle by Bingo Players. Let me know if im good yeah ?

  27. DirtyMalczDrumm says:

    wear´╗┐ a belt lol

  28. MrArnoldyea says:

    Can anyone tell me what are the two songs that are´╗┐ being played call?

  29. MagneticMrK says:

    ur really good but try doing some hand moves. it lookes much nicer and like´╗┐ you have more skill. not melbourne arm moving but.. ye u understand what i mean

  30. dakodamad1rage1 says:

    Hahaha get a belt.. try a´╗┐ faster song you kinda look sloppy o.O check out my only vid and you see what i mean

  31. siiidewayz says:

    GET A BELT! …´╗┐ ­čÖé

  32. thepinkponiesss says:

    What was the first song you shuffled´╗┐ to?

  33. commonlyuknown says:

    ur a´╗┐ beast!!!

  34. dineenkirton15 says:

    hey. your cutee.

  35. SuperSunriver says:

    this is´╗┐ inspiration

  36. southparkmxcan says:

    the 5 levels of Melbourne shuffle. Find out what´╗┐ level´╗┐ are´╗┐ you..


  37. mtrench2011 says:

    this is amazing!´╗┐

  38. BigPimpin2023 says:


  39. RAV3KID420 says:

    rockin vid yo..´╗┐

  40. emilesunk says:

    Nice shuffling… nice outfit too! Matching.´╗┐

  41. Jvidana95 says:

    Atleast he tries shuffling…. ´╗┐

  42. PinkCupcake500 says:

    how do u do the´╗┐ spin shuffle? @0:19

  43. smoshsmash says:

    watch´╗┐ 2:10 – 2:15 its so sick i wanna know how to do that !! you should make a tutorial man !!

  44. TechnoRaver39 says:

    @Graham527r search 1´╗┐ month newb shufflers ull see how good ppl r each month

  45. MrDRad13 says:

    what gay ass gang sign is that?

  46. kimpheonix says:


  47. You are´╗┐ a pro bro


    @styl0rD3lux3 La Castle´╗┐ Vania- in for the kill

  49. styl0rD3lux3 says:

    first´╗┐ song pls ;D