This is my 2nd video. Tried out some hand movements. Shuffling to hard techno. Kinda sucky but I'll let you guys tell me what you think. Enjoy! Thanks for yo...

soul shuffle slam final.
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21 Responses to “2nd melbourne shuffle video – Charlton G.”

  1. djcharltongomes says:

    hey guys, this is me “charltonGws” with my new acc.. dont comment this vid,
    but if u want to, that wont be a prob.. haha..

  2. djcharltongomes says:

    lol..yea.. 😉 if u dont mind, check out my new profile.. 😀 it’s me..

  3. charltonGws says:

    thx! 😉 yea im tryin hardstlye nw… thx again! ;P

  4. yeh that was really good man i wish i could move like that. I’m just
    starting out on shuffling as well. Check my one out and see what u think.

  5. djcharltongomes says:

    lol.. sure… this vid is like a century old.. haha.. check out the new me
    in my new acc.. 😀 actually i havent got any new video of me shufflin, but
    i’ll post new ones soon! check it out aite! 😉

  6. charltonGws says:

    party pimp

  7. hardstyleunion says:

    man … i guess u knw me ? haha … nice shfflin bah !!! V^^ come come
    shuffle kita

  8. wat is the name of this song?

  9. Lol a bit of disco arm movements in there 😛

  10. charltonGws says:

    thx man! well, everybody has their own style ryt? hhaaha.. yea i’ll
    definitely upload summore vids.. 😉

  11. just thought id let you know that this isnt hard techno its more like
    scouse hard house

  12. u sick motha facka! ur getting better & better! love ur style la! try to
    make ur hand movements more natural k 🙂 i rili hope to see more!

  13. djcharltongomes says:


  14. charltonGws says:

    haha.. bulih bah kalau kau.. hehe

  15. deathcaller3 says:

    you are shit

  16. BlackRoachs B says:


  17. Chopaholic123 says:


  18. liljerry956 says:

    thankx man hope u gettem..!

  19. shadowleo11 says:

    really beast …nice

  20. liljerry956 says:

    @shadowleo11 thnkx man preciate et

  21. mrjuanbofda says:

    This is bad ass!!!!! I’m trying to learn some of thoes moves