3 Melbourne Shuffle 3 Rabbit and Penguin High DVD Quality
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will smith shuffle and tecktonik funny!!

50 Responses to “3 Melbourne Shuffle 3 Rabbit and Penguin High DVD Quality”

  1. ofuckyoucunt says:

    @dekolbe they dont c-walk once you fucking dumbass
    its all shuffle

  2. Xiia0Sn00pY says:

    @dekolbe fuck a nut

  3. @Xiia0Sn00pY it’s ya mommy’s clit idiot

  4. Xiia0Sn00pY says:

    @dekolbe _l_ its shuffle fuckass

  5. LastHardstyle says:

    The song is Enemy by Andy Maurer.

  6. isaiahkanda says:

    whats the song called? it sounds badass

  7. xSW3ETxH3ARTx says:


  8. @dekolbe nah mang you wrong. you just wrong.

  9. pande4360 says:

    @dekolbe def not cwalk, he has his own style thats all. it might remind u of hardstep

  10. @ponlijntje Andy Maurer – Enemy


  12. BigWange69 says:

    @ponlijntje hardstyle/trance/house/hard trance/hard techno

  13. MrNikkable says:

    they are good

  14. ponlijntje says:

    whats the name of this music?

  15. ponlijntje says:

    whats the name of this music?

  16. cooltuber13 says:

    the bunny should do jumpstyle

  17. Cyclops200 says:

    I want that rabbit costume

  18. Jackal080 says:

    Where can i get a suit like this?!?!!

    I searched the web but they either got face showing or are just shit

  19. InsideTheHutter says:

    Penguin definetly > Rabbit^^

  20. proxyXIII says:

    Andy Maurer – Enemy

  21. song name?

  22. ebay

  23. richiicky52 says:

    im so doin that for halloween next year =P

  24. Andy Maurer – Enemy

  25. steff5609 says:

    whats the name of the song?

  26. XmaultwinsX says:


  27. RubioRaver says:


  28. blznrayzn says:

    look at those kicks

  29. Showtek – FTS is now tecktonik? LOOOOOOOOOOOL

  30. hilarious HAHAHAHAH

  31. JoAnnaNoon says:

    I don’t CARE! Will Smith is FINE as hell! Jack of all trades. I would dance with him EVEN if he did dance like a moron!

  32. i think the greatest thing is its in the same episode on the same part XD hahaha wow

  33. pandazrule10 says:

    hahaha halarious 😛

  34. TheXtro101 says:

    Go Will,go Will,go Will…
    Reminds me of the late eighties dance move, “the running man”.

  35. 2happypeople says:

    the tecktonik :D:D

  36. The arm movement is great!

  37. Robiinhooh says:


  38. poptartiscrazy says:

    the tecktonik, LMAO

  39. phynstafakasi says:

    now some tecktonik*

  40. CHADarK758 says:

    hahahahaha epiiiccc

  41. hayleyluvs2shuffle says:


  42. i love it

  43. xicofco95 says:

    its not true ,-,

  44. MichiJumper1 says:


    Thats Cool


  45. L3koVespa says:

    why do u always use showtek – Colours of the harder styles?????

  46. MexicanBearFighter says:


  47. smartwilly17 says:

    love it.l haha

  48. xXdannymesXx says:

    it looks like he’s doing the duck

  49. Traxxas1992 says:

    Will SMith fucking OG i swear

  50. TravisSem23 says:

    Hilarious!!! I love it!!! XD ROTFLMAO~~~~