0:00-0:44 Intractable One-Play The Games(Alpha's Q-Base Edit) 0:44-1:09 The Beholder and Max Enforcer-The Preacher(original mix) 1:09-1:33 Razor dj-Praise The Noise(Max.B Grant and Djanny mix) 1:33-1:48 Scooter-Jadore Hardcore(melbourne shuffle mix) 1:48-2:09 Activator-Authentic Style 2:09-2:32 Scooter-Bit a Bad Boy 2:32-2:56 Dj Neo-In My Mind 2:56-3:19 Francesko Zeta-Fairyland 3:19-3:40 Technoboy_vs._D8R_Zot_vs._Mr._Puta_-_Raging_the_Green_Braveheart_(DJ_Feuerschwein_Bootleg_Mix) 3:40-4:06 Walt-Let The Music Play 4:06-4:36 Karpe DM-Boom Boom Pow 4:36-5:06 Technoboy feat. Ruffian-The Undersound 5:06-5:26 The Raiders-Disk Warrior(The Nasty Boy remix)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

if you are having trouble from the running man into spins, slids, side step this video will show you how to move smoother and will give you tips and will SHOW you HOW to. if you have no idea what iam talking about just watch the vid and u will find out....XSA - Ace
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “!!!8TH Lithuanian Melbourne Shuffle Compilation!!!”

  1. thums up for fighters in backround

  2. TheMrbuttercup says:

    hahah 2:28 fight fight fight!

  3. axu ! <3

  4. Uz olixsa like!

  5. DovydasLTjumper says:

    @Skaidriusha lope as sneku kad mano nuomone jie geriausi vaikuti….

  6. Skaidriusha says:

    @DovydasLTjumper dovydai atsigauk nera laimetoju idijote tu

  7. MrNeoNaZz says:

    Dekui Uz Songs ;]

  8. o bliat sito net nebuwau mates..:D net as esu, zjbs ce..:D

  9. HunterisHsh says:

    va jusu songai blet ;D

  10. metas123456789 says:

    jau 5000

  11. metas123456789 says:


  12. HunterisHsh says:

    skaityk ismok,arba taip ir nesulauksi songlisto

  13. metas123456789 says:

    e jau 4,737 views o reik 5000 tu jau gali sakyt dainas
    tik 3 paskutiniu nesakyk dainu

  14. DovydasLTjumper says:

    xes/lafa su vinik laimejo….mano nuomone…

  15. DovydasLTjumper says:

    pz kai lego soko tai zvengiau kai tie du uz jo imtynes eit pradejo…susiko visa vaizda 😀

  16. Cen10Shufflers says:

    malaysian shuffle..
    still good
    but honestly you need sone ozzies over tehre
    just to spice shit up

  17. @BioShuffle it is MELBOURNE shuffle. Malaysian style only changes the RM. and the RM, and SHUFFLE are 2 different moves. dumbass

  18. metas123456789 says:

    kokia Woofer daina ? pasakykit kazkas 😀

  19. Kokia Daina Kai Hunteris Shoka ?
    Parasykit i [PM] arba Pasakykit Per Frm . Iskart Dekui ;]

  20. MrNeoNaZz says:

    Gal Kas Galit W4IDIZio ir alekz dainas?

  21. metas123456789 says:

    The Raiders – Disk Warrior (The Nasty Boyz Remix)

  22. shaqas123 says:

    Klaudžio dainą kas nors? ;]]

  23. what is the playlist of all the shufflers ?? but nice man

  24. lego cia ziauriausias. 🙂 Mldc mokytojas ;]

  25. KingDarkAuras says:

    Please ban this song.

  26. Muy Copadoo Man :P Very Good! 😀

  27. iLikeToShank says:

    @godspeakfire o i c

  28. godspeakfire says:

    @iLikeToShank No just oblivious to whatever hidden meaning you are attempting to say.

  29. iLikeToShank says:

    @godspeakfire lol you’re slow, aren’t you?

  30. godspeakfire says:

    @iLikeToShank lmfao @noob

  31. godspeakfire says:

    @iLikeToShank Hardstyle, also known to many as hardcore shuffling. /watch?v=h9zyP2fgCK0 is an example

  32. iLikeToShank says:

    @godspeakfire LOL there’s no such thing as Hardcore shuffle, you fucking spick. xD xD xD

  33. godspeakfire says:

    This kind of shuffling sucks. Hardcore shuffling is wayyyyy better.

  34. happyisbackk says:

    @TokiLynn Dreamscape. + Says it on the side on the video views 😉

  35. AnythingButHuman says:

    Check out where i teach some lil kids to shuffle LOL

  36. What is this song!? Dx

  37. thetaxiucla says:

    Awesome, thanks for taking the time to do this video!

  38. KeybladeHero01 says:

    Nice Tutorial =D This really helped me with the spins & transations!! Thanks Bro!!! =D

  39. LegitShit91 says:

    Bro, u can’t get mad at the pup .. He’s trying to get in on this shit !! 😀 he a quick learner

  40. i herd this fuken song lots of time change it

  41. nice video but next time close your mouth 😉

  42. rafalchowaniec says:

    If you watch these tutorials on youtube…. Pets are always around them

  43. lolhaha69 says:

    badass video:)

  44. philisthemaster says:

    hahaha 5:00 *cough* “gtfo dammot!”

  45. lolis11222 says:


  46. heartweed says:

    for not having much room at all.. that was a rly nice shuffle at the end

  47. Dieguito2012 says:

    Great shuffle and great tutorial!! Thanks to You!!

  48. miguelskater1 says:

    holy crap! i didnt watch the video cause i skiped to the end to see how you shuffle! and man your crazzyyy good! haha good job! im impresed!

  49. MstrAnimator189 says:

    yeaaaaah man, youre really good at shuffling. love your spins bro, i gotta get em down.