this was a random meet but yea hopefully ill help organise the next one to be abit bigger bebo site ... we are recruiting aswell for people in sydney
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50 Responses to “9.5.09 Random shuffle meet @ darling harbour”

  1. mexicans@ 0:30

  2. duboistanguy says:

    name of the song that begin at 1:06? please

  3. marcos94santiago says:

    that tektonik kid reminds me of sonic

  4. JumpingValle says:

    @sticmen343 Kingdom Hearts if im right? ;)!

  5. jammaster26 says:

    damn kid in the blue shirt and camo pants with the white gloves can bust a move lol

  6. 9TAILFOX9 says:

    can u get song ID for 2:17

  7. 9TAILFOX9 says:

    2:17 whats the name of that song

  8. mynameismobydick says:

    check the guy out in the background tryina get his baby to shuffle haha

  9. maltaman1997 says:


  10. maltaman1997 says:

    1st song: Dj Amplify-your soul

  11. TheBatMonkey says:

    The crowd just gets bigger 😀

  12. danny is a cunt.. why is he even in this video.. or even at met ups

  13. TheWallensen says:

    what’s the song at 1:55 ? :O

  14. TheWallensen says:

    @goldmage48 my crew i recruiting XD

  15. goldmage48 says:

    Is anyone from melbourne doin any meetups? or is recuitin?

  16. 4220aladin says:

    nice techtonic

  17. yodaduh says:

    what is up with that tecktonic guy.. it already looks gay nenough why would he want to do it! he makes it look worse haha.. and the song?? cmon!

  18. TheShufflingMaster says:


  19. Nooblet7152 says:


  20. NightfallCanShuffle says:

    SoniC yeah:D

  21. viperblue1 says:

    @KickBoxer277 no fucken shit cant stand it !
    not even a skill, its like a fly….. FUCKEN ANNOYING

  22. yer tectonic is heaps crap but Chi does both shuffle and tec together makes it look siiiick

  23. NeoRoman1 says:

    Btw anyone know the last song with the guy in the baby milo sweater?

  24. NeoRoman1 says:

    I honestly think tektonik is indeed shiiit but I can’t find any phats or that awesome parkour shirt anywhere not even on Internet.

  25. NeoRoman1 says:

    Sorry the save your life is actually warp brothers remix not club mix. My mistake. Sorry.

  26. AyanoWolf says:

    @hiperbrutality The nightmare before chrismas – helloween

  27. MsMellypoop says:

    Reece is hot

  28. @hiperbrutality i take it that you’ve nvr seen “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

  29. hiperbrutality says:

    41542113-this song is dj neo in my mind

  30. hiperbrutality says:

    thx 😉

  31. 41542113 says:

    song @ 1:00 ?

  32. 41542113 says:

    @hiperbrutality Marilyn Manson – This Is Halloween

  33. EmoViivii says:

    Reece is hot.! 😉

  34. AztekHQS says:

    0:45 Alpha Twins – Smack My Derb 🙂

  35. inuyashaXDD says:

    marilin mansom – this is halloween
    is the jack

  36. inuyashaXDD says:

    marilin mansom – this is halloween

  37. inuyashaXDD says:

    marilin mansom – this is halloween

  38. inuyashaXDD says:

    marilin mansom – this is halloween

  39. djhector1997 says:

    watz the song at 0:45

  40. DEFKISSDAY says:

    @eno345ify I think it was all of HSA
    Like sacco, reece, rocky, teddyt, etc..

  41. sony20020 says:

    4:35=WOW O_O
    how to make?

  42. eno345ify says:

    who r da guys in the end? You know, at the house lol

  43. eno345ify says:

    reece and mikki r da best shufflers iv seen so far lolz

  44. seeasiidee says:

    how to make the trick at 4:34?!?!?!

  45. hiperbrutality says:

    first intro song plzzz

  46. hiperbrutality says:

    plzzzz intro song :)7

  47. scopper1000 says:

    Reece The Best

  48. jimmy10846 says:

    reece is the bomb

  49. MONST3RANG3L says:

    does reece still shuffle i wanna see 2010 shuffle from him n the rest of HSA

  50. hardstyleman96 says:

    what is the song at 4:15??? plss