Want a pair of phats like these? buy a pair from chris! www.phattpants.com thats where i got mine, awesome quality to a good price! Hi guys! today I have been shuffling for exactly 365 days! and i want to share this moment with you by making the best video ive ever made, and use my phats for the first time! I want to dedicate this video also to some friends that have been keeping me shuffling: Erik Lenzing Phil Falk Marco Wingzero Becca Nielsen Nathalie Engelmaier Linnea Caldegren Niels Bækgaard Sørensen Without you i would be nothing! I hope you enjoy this guys, because I did, very much! Comment, rate and subscribe! do you want me to keep hardstyling? or do you want me to go back to techno ownstyling? leave a comment! _________________________ songs: Showtek - The F-track Joe-E KloneZ - Virus Attack Shu Remix Showtek - analogue players in a digital world
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “A Hardstyle Life | 1 Year in Melbourne Shuffle”

  1. HampusCantShuffle says:

    @crazenird thanks alot!

  2. crazenird says:

    this is awesome. Real shuffling, none of that LMFAO shit

    sick shuffling man

  3. tonci1709 says:

    veryyy niceeee…..but whats with the pants there? 😀

  4. Du är ju så jävla grym!. nice shuffle 😉

  5. NaazooShuffle says:

    Why did you delete your videos? D:

  6. iKillborn2kilNOE says:

    HAHA dam man i love the vid, intro pretty good too
    HSU // Zionik

  7. BlueyFromMelbShuffle says:

    One gay intro nigga.

  8. xBestEditzx says:

    Yo are those how much phats are usaully? fuck i’m poor ill make my own xD

  9. betongchild says:

    kung! även det bästa shuffle filmen jag sett hittils ;d

  10. NarutoFourTails says:

    just one thing you need to fix and that is your kicks, there too high >.<

  11. YnferalNGS says:

    ffs youtube blocked this video in germany.. time for my VPN 😀

  12. DreeziusHD says:

    I bought my pair of phats yesterday from chris too! Such a nice guy! I CAN’T WAIT FOR MINE :DDD

  13. Everything was on-beat for me?


  14. DreeziusHD says:

    DUDE SICK VID! Love it man! KEEP IT UP! <3

  15. nathalieengelmaier says:

    så jävla grym är du hjärtat 🙂

    loveu <3

  16. Shaneerecord149 says:


  17. johnny3734 says:

    Not bad for one year in!

  18. JumpArmyNetwork says:

    This is just WOW. 😀 Sick bro! <3

  19. GioCanShuffle says:

    I disagree about buying those pants from that site, but i loved your shuffling for one year 😀

  20. You sir have an epic style. that is all

  21. HRSphatzlip says:

    @gamerfreek2 its called melbourne shuffle.

  22. gamerfreek2 says:

    what the fuck am i watching

  23. aTrueBelgian says:


  24. AncientLTD says:

    You’re awesome.

  25. Keep on shuffling hardstyle! If fits your style IMO