RN & HSC is in (Grayscale) HTR & PHS is in (Normal Colour) BATTLES : HDS|Ivan VS PHS|King RN|Airool VS HTR|Zafreal HSC|Azim VS PHS|Wan FINAL BATTLE : RN|Zafa VS HTR|Jo This Is Just A Friendly Battle. Do Not Simply Judge Us ! PLEASE DO VOTE FOR THE WINNER !!!!! WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY !!!! COMMENT & RATE !!!! FAV IT IF U WANT TO. Enjoy ! Editor : HTR|Jo
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Edit by Dumpling =P Andreezy's Compilation. Here's his youtube acc www.youtube.com Songlist: 1. B-Front & Frontliner - Become The Sky 2. Dozer - Go 3. Noisecontrollers - Unbroken 4. Pavo - Communicate 5. Wildstylez - KYHU (Noisecontrollers Remix) 6. Pavo - Raven 7. Noisecontrollers - Aliens(Re-burn remix) "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
Video Rating: 5 / 5

49 Responses to “A Shuffle Battle (RN & HSC VS HTR & PHS)”

  1. 0yaherdme1 says:


  2. K2beatboxer02 says:

    Guys most important thing in melbourne shuffle is running man but you cant do it for shit. you better watch some tutorials

  3. shuffle1233 says:

    second guy……..SUX Like WTF is he doing?? his running man should be called jumping around like a fag man

  4. TheX626X says:

    that kid with the cortez s’ is sickkk

  5. BazzViruzz says:

    i like the first man who did shuffle !

    he has got style 😉

  6. DuhhDrea says:

    you shut the fuck up

  7. hunziker1994 says:

    normal color people were better

  8. Amarstboom says:

    the wite boy are better

  9. Redlemon17 says:

    @diamondwolf130 Intense observation typical homophobic ignoramus.

  10. TheShufflerMarcus says:

    Y must ppl spam these good shuffle vids with them saying to check out there shit channel of them shuffling like crap (14glenwoodx)

  11. 14Glenwoodx says:

    u guysz r all right i guess u pep should check us out or channel ihsz 14glenwoodx all of us were not even trying

  12. yousdead2 says:

    lol this lil kids cant shuffle 😛

  13. MAprotecter says:

    dude the white shirted kids are 10x better lol

  14. marlenelaflaca says:

    @diamondwolf130 it says SHUFFLING in the title..NOT JERKING -.-

  15. that dude met 2 caps is best so his team win 🙂
    others took noob songs ore there not realy good 😛

  16. MelbShuffleJake says:

    Nvm there all terrible

  17. MelbShuffleJake says:

    the two first people are terrible..

  18. omg the first person sucks realy

  19. 0yaherdme1 says:

    @ScootaCody same here buddy

  20. ScootaCody says:

    For some reason i just wanna punch the first guy

  21. Electricalboy13 says:

    that video was sick lol i think it was tie in my opinion good job u guys by the way i shuffle too

  22. venomen500 says:

    @0yaherdme1 try find “Madagascar (Dark by Design remix)” on google

  23. 0yaherdme1 says:

    they all have the same style and it fucken sucks!! but the music is awesome!!

  24. 0yaherdme1 says:

    @venomen500 cuz the first song is nowhere to be found on youtube……most of the rest is correct tho so good job on that….can you help me find the first song? i cant find it anywhere please?

  25. venomen500 says:

    @0yaherdme1 nah? And why is it not correct?

  26. Andreezy is up there with the legends if not better.

  27. HardStyleShift95 says:

    I love ur style man
    U are one of my favorite shufflers XP

  28. TheVortexShuffle says:

    Very nice
    Andreezy one of my favorite shufflers

  29. WalkingSleepWalker says:

    i don’t think adreezy suits hardstyle more like hardtrance or trance

  30. TCKANTFLO says:

    Shuffle Machineeeee!!!!

  31. ZirDerick says:

    The songs were like all Jumpstyle. Lol

  32. Cumsta1n says:

    @RiceMixersXD he thought you were gonna use the songs andreezy used.

  33. asmooth305 says:

    plus andreezy uses hardtrance songs

  34. asmooth305 says:

    yea the song for andreezy’s part was different

  35. RiceMixersXD says:

    @asmooth305 OwO, What do you mean? I changed the songs.

  36. asmooth305 says:

    Dude the compilation is ok because andreezy is in it lol but if your gunna make a compilation at least include the right songs please because the ones in some of his videos I recognize wasn’t in it

  37. keeplisted says:


  38. chaosdestroyerz says:

    i meant on the vid that i posted there

  39. RiceMixersXD says:

    @chaosdestroyerz Read the description.

  40. chaosdestroyerz says:

    any1 know the names of the songs on this vid?

  41. melbournechris says:

    nice shuffle dude 5/10=D like you style ^^

  42. karnopse says:

    look my video pls!! comments!

  43. JoKeResurection says:

    You should subscribe to me andreezy. I know i have like no videos but im hoping to get some up some soon. Im a u.s.a. shuffler. I frekin luv yur vids! dont stop.

  44. RiceMixersXD says:

    There it is.

  45. OMg whast the songlist now!!
    ITs have being about 150 views

    BTW Awesome 5/5

  46. hardxaddict says:

    nice *-*


  47. NIIICE

  48. EmberOfFury says:

    Thanks for the awesome compilation made of me! Really appreciate it 😀


  49. hyuggaDan says:

    Very nice buddyy ;D keep up the good work.!