hardstyle training
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25 Responses to “achik (hr) training mode”

  1. cvYamaguchi says:

    3 years later and he still kicks ass. God fucking damnit I’m getting old.

  2. toperahardstyle says:

    first name song plz?

  3. purpdrizzank says:

    you really are my favorite shuffler, i keep you in mind in the shuffle circles at raves

  4. jgettier says:

    I hate to be repetative, but what is track one. Aiming for your brain is track two, not track one, unless it is a running mix of some sort. I didn’t see anything here about the first track, though may have missed it. And you’re my hero! Wish you’ld do some more hi-res training vids! can’t believe this was over three years ago! I’ld love to see how your style has evolved since then, going solo. Peace!

  5. ShuffleLikeAnAsian says:

    Thee Greatest

  6. cokinhaable says:

    new video : /watch?v=u3819PSJSwo ;*

  7. MiyaviLeto says:

    a nice guy)

  8. who is he @ 4:01
    very nice ^^

  9. /watch?v=Mnfu6BFXatE
    Oper [DLM] training mode !!! ))

  10. KhaledFly says:

    se ele for viado, concerta naum é mais q vc! XP

  11. luizgui01 says:

    viadão eh seu pai, q fica dando pro cavalo, filha da puta

  12. areas157 says:

    // Fica quieto mlk

  13. scofieldhsu says:


  14. heraldinn says:

    Viiadãoo !!


  15. zulhardstylers says:

    Headhunterz – Aiming For You Brain

  16. HellFire0123 says:

    wuts the first track ?

  17. jimbarios says:

    he makes his shuffle look easy and smooth…awsome video..

  18. adamskill says:

    skinny, gay, pill-heads

  19. justinchan93 says:

    wads the song of the 1st one

  20. nofalzone says:

    achik POWER!!!
    High GILA quality!!!

  21. oOxXTimXxOo says:

    1:02 FKN BEST

  22. justinchan93 says:

    wads the 2nd song name?

  23. hardstylehalloween says:

    sick kunt,achik..
    terbaik wokk!!

    OA orangez

  24. i like the end :D:D:D …. nice vid

  25. 123RaverBen123 says:

    verdammt nice geshufflt ^^ respekt