on lrt train
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25 Responses to “Achik Shuffle”

  1. kurtbella88 says:


  2. yohanan1000 says:

    @Luk4sss3k Psy man – Backbiter

  3. Luk4sss3k says:

    name song ? please

  4. zulkarnain54 says:

    kat dlm train pun nak buat shuffle xde tmpat lain lagi ke,tak malu ke oang sume tngok,hahaha

  5. lEvoIXBeatsl says:

    nice one. dalam train pun bleh Shuffle…

  6. cAm steP up 2 pLak…

  7. HaHaHa xD

  8. rockin to backbiter on a train hahaha only HR 🙂

  9. abangdota says:

    gle skai….
    cri la tmpt len nk wat bnde bodo 2…

  10. DarkMission91 says:

    jhat nya

  11. bantal143 says:

    hahah…mamat ni…macam bodooo jer..

  12. mahadi91 says:

    mcm bodo!!!!!!!!!1

  13. LMAO

  14. rkelley94 says:

    haha kick ass 😛

  15. Kollabino says:

    lol xDDD

  16. it didnt take as much guts to do this.. half the people in the vid are his buds from hr!
    only the girl that came out wasnt… nd in MAS shuffling is very known soo its like seeing some jog over there…

  17. @RADIOakaTECHNO so are u a clown in the public?:) gz

  18. hana14hErE says:

    weyh !! aku pun bole buat la shuffle !! bo!!!

  19. RADIOakaTECHNO says:

    no it doesnt.. its easy to shuffle in front of people that have no clue wut ur doin.
    i do it ALL the time..
    haha seriously.. i just pertend im alone.

  20. zulhardstylers says:

    it take guts to do this

  21. chibibi95 says:

    aik..woo dlm keta pun ble min lwk la bro

  22. cacatboy says:

    thanks n_n

  23. temeteconmigoteparto says:

    song name is PSYMAN by BACKBITER

  24. AzmyraYaya says:

    video ni yg pling cyg sukerw

  25. whats the song name???PLS TELL!!!