READ BELOW BEFORE YOU POST A NEGATIVE COMMENT CLAIMING WE 'STOLE' ALL OF THESE MOVES / TRICKS. Right to clear things up: ~ Firstly we DID 'invent' MOST these tricks by ourselves. ie when we'd be dancing we spin round add kicks in etc, until we were satisfied with something we could call a new trick. ~ Secondly I am not trying to claim we weren't influenced by watching other people. As this would be practically impossible from watching many other people dancing. ~ Lastly this video is intended as a practical tool to help people who want to learn the tricks and in no way is it an attempt to steal other peoples ideas / tricks. If you like them please rate, subscribe and check out our other videos. Song: Revolution (Chris Decay Feelgood RMX) [feat. Inusa Dawuda] - Beachclub 69 feat. Inusa Dawuda Okay so it's a year and a day since we uploaded the first tutorial and I would just like to say thanks to everyone who viewed it. We never expected it to get so many views. We've been getting a lot of requests for a second tutorial and I would also like to apologies that this one took so long to make.

25 Responses to “Advanced Melbourne Shuffle Dance Tricks Tutorial 2”

  1. stressmunk says:

    hey guys stressmunk again, TY so much for subscribing to me or i would have never ever thought to come back and look at your page and see your 2nd vid, your first vid was so helpfull for me and its kinda funny ur dould tap though i already though of wen i was practising myself. any way guys keep up the great work! keep me posted, im gonna send you guys a vid of me soon and maybe you guys can take a look and tell me what i could fix or improve on

  2. TheCheapGamer594 says:

    this helping so much thank you! 

  3. SuperDestroia says:

    you can shuffel…. i can dance eurythmie xD

  4. Briza6481 says:

    look through my videos i only have 3 look at chris leslie shuffling

  5. theonlyeviltwin93 says:

    @whoneedsphats or you can just have another video with 20,000+ views xD

  6. xDjEisbearX says:

    WoW Really Nice i like that and will Learn a Few tricks of them Nice Tut 😀 go on with that shuffling ;D

  7. EllieBear101x says:

    @iceman8560 Thanks so much 😀 it works ! learned it 🙂

  8. AmateurSinger201 says:

    tht background look so GHETTO

  9. shuffler436 says:

    please slow in teaches shuffling.

  10. iceman8560 says:

    @EllieBear101x you slide half way back and meet in the middle, then slide back the way you came from its just half the running man then reverse it. ^-^

  11. EllieBear101x says:

    PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE do a step by step tutorial on doing the first move – the double step back! I need help with this trick! I’m trying it but I’m not sure how you’re doing the footwork. It would mean so much!!

  12. TheMrborden says:

    Run along home,mums making curry

  13. patricia29075 says:

    What the song????

  14. crazytengek says:

    Nice shuffling rite there

  15. XxXxXxPanPanxXxXxX says:

    It´s was very nice 🙂

  16. xXxGaaLaaxXx says:

    @whoneedsphats hahaha… jk 😉 watch my latest video tell me if its good

  17. whoneedsphats says:

    @xXxGaaLaaxXx DISCLAIMER: I accept no responsibility should you come to injure yourself when attempting these tricks!

  18. xXxGaaLaaxXx says:

    i almost killd myself when i tryed jump spin xDD

  19. make more PLZ

  20. extremeRD1 says:

    thanks 🙂 i need to learn shuffle :/

  21. rynashleybby says:

    This is sickkk. I try to shuffle, but sometimes it doesn’t turn out too good.

  22. MegaFinnishboy says:

    0:25 0:45 1:01  1:20 1:35

  23. WillieJam420 says:

    dis s**T is NICE !!!!!!!! :p

  24. the glide is hard

  25. ujikolsion says:

    lol. cool video description bro. did you also ‘invent’ rave.

    delete the description and the video would be fine.