Looking for a crew! -I do not claim ownership to the songs used in this video-
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6 Responses to “Aero MELBOURNE SHUFFLE!!”

  1. screamokid121 says:

    your pretty good but yea…your in socks lol. idc but yea do you have any vids where your on concrete?
    other than thet yea your good.

  2. why you doing 1 step, it’s noobish tbh :/ learn 2 step and it’ll look better (Y). Check my vids

  3. giovanni565 says:

    @Aerowell1 flicking, and not doing it right

  4. @giovanni565 whats wrong with my rm

  5. giovanni565 says:

    @giovanni565 btw re learn the RM

  6. giovanni565 says:

    join HSR or UBE