im not racist i just think africans do the same dance we do but weird.. plz comment and rate.
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  1. whats the name of the current song??

  2. Jeffrey Dahmer says:

    Hahahah air jumpstyle xD fucking amazing 😛

  3. Jeffrey Dahmer says:

    2:15 is amazeeeeeeeeee.

  4. Nathan Quist says:

    Lmao @ 3:35 jumpstyle!

  5. AeroQuattro says:

    I can help ! 😀 . i can download the video and remove the sound , and you can just tell me the songs, and ill send you the video. to upload !>

  6. That was sweet….

  7. doggiedog96 says:

    1:54 – 2:16  lol.. hardcore kangaroo!! xD

  8. rmnvaldivia says:

    didnt answer my question

  9. kostadjembe says:

    Most of these clips are traditional dances that have a history of hundreds of years from West Africa!

  10. kostadjembe says:

    Where do think everything started?

  11. rmnvaldivia says:

    does any one know what style of dance/martial art is when is says they are breaking. all the air variels are sick and ive seen people practice that style

  12. Muzaber Argento says:

    idolo el negro del airjumpstyle!!!

  13. like this if wmg sucks

  14. damnnn at 2:00 like some sick jumpstyle moves O_e

  15. awww! i hope u find it man. i know i dont have it for sure 🙁

  16. you answered really fast! lol.
    I used to have it, but I dunno where is it :/

  17. i wish i can man..i dont have the original any more 🙁

  18. Could you upload the video with those hardstyle songs (the old original video) in 4shared? maybe megaupload or rapidshare… and disponibilize here the link?

  19. haha he be doin double of everything backflips, 720’s lmao

  20. Imagine if the dude who starts at 1:50 took pills…

  21. nuhotstylist says:

    You may not be racist but youre clearly uneducated. Where do you think dance originated? In Africa and Latin America. Im not racist either however white people learned how to dance from Africans. They were born with soul and rhythm while you all pay for classes to learn it….

  22. burnmuthafucka says:

    lol AIR JUMP! too bad the song sucked

  23. what about japanese ? xD in my opinion THEY could do everything :D:D:D

  24. holy shit the breaking dancing at 1:50…
    hard tektnonick looks sick and i hate tektonick

  25. psykhogamer69 says:

    The breakdance part is when they first got ahold of crack.