Compilation video of us shuffling in the subway. We were already tired from the rave but somehow still had energy. Hmm. I added some lolz in there btw ^___^. ****MUSIC**** The Beholder Meets DJ Zany - Midnight (0:01) Tuneboy - Re-Generate it (0:35) Linkin Park - My December (0:47) Frontliner - Spacer (1:16) Headhunterz - Psychedelic (2:27) Chain Reaction - Lellebel (3:05) Brennan Heart - Face The Enemy (4:09) Headhunterz - Rate Reducer (4:32) ~playing in the bg on my phone Luna vs. Trilok and Chiren - Street Knowledge (5:12)

This is another shuffle meetup in Seattle, this is Hades last one for awhile Thanks a lot for organizing all the meets Hades! =] Shufflers that were there: Hades Sparky ZeZe Shadow Purple Capsule Tazzi Kritter Anthony Trebel Rebel Boo Boo James Dani Andreezy Jayyy Katastrophik Jeragon George Rawrence PapaChe1f Thomas Da Tub Domeg Blanda Please tell me if I left anybody out Thanks to the Dj's that came to spin DJ Morgazm DJ Soundwave DJ Jimni Cricket DJ Headie DJ Bouncy DJ Tigerlily DJ Zul DJ Kzar I know for sure that he will be posting a vid as well, it's probably better then mine... Check it out! Ps Sorry for the edit, it's not the best, but dont focus on the editing, focus on some of the amazing shufflers that showed up to the meet =] Dance to Express not to Impress COMMENT AND RATE MAYBE SUB ;P
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50 Responses to “After The Rave (Subway Shuffle)”

  1. aaronburgandy says:


  2. dovy2k9 says:

    this is poor

  3. itaintjeff1215 says:

    You guys are from new york? that freaking amazing bro. i want to shuffle as good as you guys but its hard when you dont shuffle with more people. Keep it up bro. Shuffle on the 1 all day everyday =D

  4. ramonoxis says:

    Whats the name of the 2nd song?

  5. 2Anteater says:

    thats so awesome! how long have you guys been shuffling your great!

  6. katluvr102 says:

    haha you guys are funny

  7. JumpSandwich says:

    @XSilvenX Mmkay then. Guess the last time I watched it, that’s what I thought but not anymore. Srry.

  8. redman323 says:

    LOL @ 0:51

  9. XSilvenX says:

    @JumpSandwich Wrong.

  10. boredmann666 says:

    at least captain blackness had phats

  11. JumpSandwich says:

    Man 3d dude musta been high or somethin… no offense.

  12. RenXiS47 says:

    Nice vid! I see you didnt have enough rocking at the rave, so you had to shuffle after πŸ˜€

    *Thumbs up*

  13. Snow101453 says:

    nice i like the guy in the phats and good song choice

  14. TheNimblewright says:

    _D: I so wanna learn to shuffle… I so dooo.

  15. WarHater000 says:

    @XSilvenX so bassically just no duct tape on concrete? x]

  16. XSilvenX says:

    @flodeezul It takes a while, just try to stick to it. I made a playlist of tutorial videos in my profile so just go to that if you want to learn. After all, those are the vids that taught me.

  17. flodeezul says:

    @XSilvenX thanx and wish me luck as i try and learn it. finding the music is the problem

  18. XSilvenX says:

    @flodeezul Yeah its called Melbourne Shuffle. Subay is the location lol

  19. flodeezul says:

    i know this sounds like a dumb ass question but i have to ask. Is the name of this dance subway shuffle or is it just where they where at. By the way I am old (36) and its been 13 years since my last rave.

  20. dajajekefushyo says:

    @XSilvenX yeah we use it for indoor events, but not on concrete just leaves duct tape on your shoe u cant get off lol ; ]

  21. XSilvenX says:

    @dajajekefushyo Heh, its comparable to wearing dancing shoes, less friction on crappy club floors with sticky spilled drinks and such. Of course duct tape doesn’t help on concrete so its only really for club floors because they’re usually hardwood and carry tons of friction for most sneakers.

  22. dajajekefushyo says:

    hahaha duct tape ; ] lol we dont use duct tape here in melbourne, we just rough it, but still nice work guys

  23. boristheblade00 says:

    awesome vid!! NYC shufflers rockinnnnnn

  24. daKIDgamer says:

    aint never seen a black dude shuffle before.

    Ima have to learn this…

  25. nichols8917 says:

    yo, I dig this shite quite a bit. very cool.

  26. PrpleNugs says:

    asians do best

  27. TheKrAzYsHuffLeR says:

    @00Stuff00 ya but the song is pretty awesome but the melb people in it fukin suck ass!!!

  28. TheKrAzYsHuffLeR says:

    wats the name of the first fukin song!!!

  29. 00Stuff00 says:

    D: awww bawww i hate the first song D: have u seen the video clip to it !?!?!?!

    any way i might be in america i think some where in jackson next year some time , dose any one wanna show me an american shuffle meet up first hand ?

  30. MegaRaver21 says:

    this is the best video ive seen in the U.S. so far

  31. kamaishuffl3r says:

    Hey who was driving xD

  32. DJmaXNub says:

    song list pls πŸ˜€

  33. MSMCchile says:

    Great video.

  34. GaGechan1 says:

    wow i didnt think there was this many shufflers in teh usa
    lols wat a supper close minded ausy brat i am

  35. Ghettonerd101 says:

    that dude john has got a million times better

    black tank top

  36. Cilliable says:

    The black guy and the asian was coolest

  37. Bommer129 says:

    They are almost every month, just add me on myspace for details on the meets =)

  38. 90100901 says:

    this party was cool after all… i wish i can join too… sad~~~~~

  39. AintGotSkillz says:

    Shuffle, Jump, Hakkuh, all of it! πŸ˜€ That’s the way it’s done.

  40. Havokkills says:

    the name of the first song

  41. AquaNewB says:

    another one this summer?

  42. klabaut56 says:

    @ScreamerHardstyle09 hehe jeah fucking right man XD

    bin von Austrian shuffle XD

  43. ScreamerHardstyle09 says:

    American Shuffle is soo nooblike xD hahahhaha you are so bad xD all of you hahah Look at The German shuffle πŸ˜‰ much better than that Public shuffle noob shit^^

  44. nice meet up vid sparky..

  45. sparkyboomman7 says:

    lol this is old

  46. aulcard23 says:

    lol nice effort keep it up guys practice makes perfect or atleast a little better

  47. Sydalownzu says:

    hmmm american shufflers…thats a first

  48. shadowdeomon says:

    I didn’t even know ppl in USA shuffled o.O

  49. derbedog says:

    I may even pay to see that!!!

  50. Icemonster8 says:

    ya man hahaha