It was the and of training.... and i had tired 😀 Thats why this vid is short 🙂 Comment and rate ;D And alo watch my others vid's =) Songs : raveboy-dancing_through_the_night_(blutonium_boy_remix)

24 Responses to “Aggressive Melbourne Shuffle by HDM//ReLikT ! ( Latvia) 03.01.2010”

  1. Francis got it in his face 🙂

  2. DrGorejus says:

    i wanna shuffle like that 0_0

  3. DjPrikkelBaar says:

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  4. Fucking LOVE this guy’s glides! XD

  5. Deathby6666 says:

    @MrGusse0123 Get to practicing, then.

  6. GirlsxCanxShuffle says:

    awesome video :3

    //DOB Juggernaut

  7. We meet again “Like” button!

  8. INSANE..
    Awesome video man.

    //PHS xZooM3R

  9. PaintballMoHawk says:

    0:40 funny lol

  10. MrGusse0123 says:

    I wanna dance like you :/

  11. MrGusse0123 says:

    0:07 is so Genial!!

  12. MrChubbish says:

    0:39 Nuff’ Said.

  13. HardstyleTonic says:

    These guys style really focuses on the slide effect and I think that’s the best part of the shuffle very very nice

  14. MrTodSchatten says:

    I want to know where I can find these buildings that have super slippery floors and other people shuffling.

    Unfortunately, I live in Minnesota >_<

  15. iluaustin9 says:

    Awweesssoommee :D

  16. xBRAYDOSxPWNSx says:

    i want what cheat codes he is using

  17. chelsealea98 says:

    Thats good:’)<3

  18. noobshuffler22 says:

    fuckin nice moonwalk man

  19. xtapxout24 says:

    @RElikt94 heyy whats the name of the song???

  20. MonsterMash1111 says:

    wopā Beidzot kāds LV shuffleris 🙂

    Kur dzīvo ?

  21. hardastyla says:

    Very nice moonwalk i the beginning

  22. xtapxout24 says:


  23. jkflyer123 says:

    00:6 threw 00:9 was awesome

  24. 0:40 wtf ?