short practice just watch Brah!

This is my first video dedicated to the Melbourne Shuffle. Hardstyle 4 life. I do not own any of these songs and take no credit. Track List Below. One Blade-Blademasterz Stereophobia-Dark Oscillators We Speak Music-Showtek A New Dimension-Zatox Silver Bullet-The Donkey Rollers Smack My Derb-Alpha Twins Young Birds-Patrick Bunton Superstar DJ-Dark Oscillators Scrap Attack-Headhunterz Dominate-Showtek
Video Rating: 4 / 5

30 Responses to “Akii||Melbourne Shuffle|| PRACTICE”

  1. melbournechris says:

    nice dude wat is de song op 1,00

  2. melbournechris says:

    nice nice nice dude 5/5 ^^

  3. iBorn2Shuffle says:

    im making more ^.^ next vid will be a meet up vid

  4. amazing
    silky smooth i like it alot
    i wanner see more

  5. JumpingViper says:

    zo nice ! o.o


  6. nice man 5/5!

  7. sietse4ever says:

    nice man j woord steets beter maar nu niet beter dn mijn woorden hea xD nee hoor grapje ben je all 😛

    10/5 keep it rock

  8. iBorn2Shuffle says:

    yeah thx 😛

  9. SeanShuffle says:

    your really good aki =) welcome to the forum btw

    keep it up bro


  11. iBorn2Shuffle says:

    haha ok i will join it 🙂

  12. Nice shuffle m8!

  13. SilverWhite93 says:

    awesome shuffling i like it =)
    keep it hard ; )

  14. yeaaah pwnagee allexxie ;D

  15. Shufflediaz says:

    goood stuff man =3


  16. Loved that intro

    Great shuffling 😀



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  17. DDayBobiii says:

    I LivE 4 ShuFFle [HARDSTYLE] and bro you got 1 more Sub :) 😛 check out my videos

  18. ValerieTheWolfQueen says:

    Dude, dis is tots rad! Keep up the good work!

  19. Timetoplay1337 says:

    love it.

  20. liljaybeezy36 says:


  21. AKiwiVeteran says:

    people who dislike this video still do the snowball ;)

  22. The first music wants me to ask out my x girlfriend 🙂

  23. bigrasta69 says:

    Hardstyle love!!

  24. F1GHTSC3NE says:

    Found my favorite song! 😀

  25. Great song

  26. Spartanwazhere says:

    Thanks guys lemme know what u think of my second vid!

  27. Friends4life999 says:

    dang that’s rockin aweasome shuffle!

  28. monstexable says:

    i love it veri nice XD

  29. awesome dude xD

  30. Melbourneshuffle12 says:

    Eeyy akii, ken je me nog?