This video to celebrate my 4th year of shuffling. Weather was unrelenting . Here's a quickly thrown together vid. Thanks Neville for the 2nd song 😀
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Andreezy 2012”

  1. bobbyduong1391 says:

    I’m admiring the scenery your videos are in these days though good work! 😀

  2. TheLilkraig says:

    Nice video much love, but U should try Hardstyle again? (:

  3. EmberOfFury says:

    It may seem like so, but i’m loving music more than I ever did before, i’ve just found other ways to express it.

  4. CrushSteven says:


  5. bobbyduong1391 says:

    You look like someone who got plagued into society.. You used shuffle with so much feeling it seems like a chore now.. You got me started shuffling in 09 i’ve given up the hobby i don’t think you should though..

  6. MexicaClub says:

    can you tell me the name of the program you use to edit your videos?

  7. MusicJumper98 says:

    very nice shuffle ♥
    like! pls sub back

  8. azainforlife says:

    Thanks! 😀 This the video of the first song its pretty long: “Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl Feat. Georgi Kay – In My Mind (Axwell Mix) Full Version HD” copy and paste!

  9. SaintyCanShuffle says:

    Don’t see why people complain about your videos Andreezy!
    There all so creative 🙂

  10. superlotust says:

    Your comment seems so demanding. You seem to forget the fact that Andreezy is a human being too. People change so get over it. If your not satisfied with his material being released then there is always the option to un-subscribe. Besides how has his videos become more “lifeless”? I’m surprised he even continues to make videos just for you guys. You should be less demanding and more thankful.

  11. Darkfatez117 says:

    at least your still on timing and thats what makes me smile when i c u shuffle 😀

  12. brandonchoemusic says:

    i’m pretty sure it’s the axwell mix of in my mind

  13. azainforlife says:

    What the first music name? Cause it sound so awesome :P.

  14. PureS0u1 says:

    Yeah those were good times.

  15. Spazzguetti says:

    Elegant n.n

  16. SKYEsound says:

    love you bro.

  17. EmberOfFury says:

    You are right. Its 1:00 AM, and i’m going outside to practice, thank you sir (Y)

  18. andreezynhanumber4 says:

    whats name songs?????

  19. SaintStomperzCr3w says:

    ну 🙂

  20. LarKasLTUHarDDancers says:


  21. ShenK7119 says:

    дану яб сума сошёл)

  22. SaintStomperzCr3w says:

    Your subscribers wants new videos!
    And this time u need to get really interesting place/music and dance.
    Each video u lost a small piece of your style.
    It becomes more and more lifeless

  23. SaintStomperzCr3w says:

    Именно 🙂

  24. ShenK7119 says:

    Господи так долго танцует и такое однообразие открываю новое видео и интересно только что за трек будет и какой новый фон. всё точка. Хах стабильность:D

  25. TheElsgaard says:

    The….first….track….MAKE ME FLIPPIN’ TABLES (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    This vid is so awesome. I must admit that i find the first scenery greatest..nice angle!
    Great as usual…hope to find the track one day 🙂