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25 Responses to “Andreezy. In Rhythm.”

  1. Jewberlin says:

    nice lol i started to shuffle after 4 years lol filmed it on ipod touch but vid is sideways on my player how do i turn it 90 degrees ?

  2. iTzTiMeToJuMp says:

    I still love shuffling to this

  3. Darkfatez117 says:

    how do you cross your legs so fast?

  4. geesas123 says:

    fuuuuuuuuuuuk dude ur so beast

  5. trevmann91 says:

    i think dancing in front of that dumpster is breaking a rule… your rebel!! :p

  6. MrStandbymusic says:

    dude you’re epic :)

  7. woot123brandon says:


  8. woot123brandon says:

    nice VIDEO i was like >:o i wanna shuffle like you >:o but nah i can’t xD i can shuffle but not like you… I KNOW I DON’T MAKE SENCE D:<

  9. TheOkinawanShuffler says:

    He is, but maybe to look as good as him look how many years he has been posting videos for his fans friends..etc.. and before that he was still shuffling and Pretty damn good

  10. piskelfilm says:

    and your just sucking his dick you little fagget ..

  11. gozarutchi1 says:

    another thing an asian is good at 

  12. Sonic920andBOOYAH41 says:

    i came here to watch a video scroll down see some kid arguing to Andreezy (Emberoffury) really why waist his time he didn’t even have to reply at all.
    All in the past.

  13. JamieHeartsSlayer says:

    omg this is epic!! what’s the song called? 🙂

  14. etene702 says:

    GODLIKE! 🙂
    Nice work

  15. EmberOfFury says:

    aha chyeah I remember man, been a long time. Thanks man.

  16. gordonmontford says:

    Yo Andreezy, its SC(+)PE if you remember me, killer shit bro, good flow

  17. TheJesusCrysist says:

    this isnt speed up?
    holy spunk dude thats some nice shuffling

  18. piskelfilm says:

    what comeback? i was kidding ..
    seem’s you didnt really get it either .

  19. Lockey157 says:

    I liek pie….

  20. braderkis says:

    dude you just ran out of comebacks shows that andreezy pwned you !

  21. Muz33kful says:

    You must have toned legs 😀

  22. kevinstampe says:

    See, thats sarcasm!!

  23. GreenestGanja2 says:

    actually it doesn’t look fast forward

  24. Mababoo says:

    I know the song, but I can’t download it anywhere! D; Awesome shuffle!

  25. KenpachiZaraki1993 says:

    You should tottaly make a video on how to do this one.