shuffling to some hardstyle bass. The second song is called Imzeh_-_Blackout, made by Imzeh himself, and got permission to use it. Thanks Imzeh for letting me use your track! Btw: you guys couldnt even count on one hand how many times i've uploaded this with shittty sync.still is.. i had to edit the original verison to make both shuffles 1 step offbeat so youtube would re sync it..
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Andreezy’s Simple Hardstyle.”

  1. DUBSTEP8520 says:

    if ur not chinies then u came frome chino hills rite

  2. Sminty68 says:

    I don´t like Hardstyle but I like you! 😉

  3. oblivrulz says:


  4. oblivrulz says:

    Nice vans ;)

  5. ayoitstylahalleh says:

    YEE rep USA hardstyle ;)

  6. Mikorkor says:

    lol every asian shuffles the same

  7. MrSnurvel says:

    your pro <3

  8. CSILARPUS says:

    Well. Done =) Fresh Style 5* Liked it, Best regards From Peru

    Atte: Kevin Ray- Ray|| The crazy Shuffler|| Freaky Rockers

  9. 92shadowcreeper says:

    OMG what if he is francis

  10. TehSoula says:

    youre putting me in a difficult situation here…until now i was absolutely convinced that Francis was shuffle’s true No. 1 (with Mikki being a close 2nd), but i have to say youre fast, your foot stance varies a lot and your movements connect to the beat very well.

    excellent job!

  11. Marsunbi says:

    WTF! Eargasm! Love that track! and nice shuffle btw!

  12. MaxiBeyond says:

    You are so cool!!! 

  13. TheVortexShuffle says:

    Nice Bro 🙂

  14. lukeilusion says:

    song is lck - bring it

  15. hahaha imzeh your getting famous mate

  16. KodamaZayto says:

    very nice … ;D
    watch plz …


  17. AquaStylezz says:

    yo whats ur preference to shoe wear, when shuffling

  18. miniomew says:

    wats the ferst song called

  19. TTTRafaelTTT says:

    what the name of first song ????

  20. VisaGun1 says:

    lol ;//

  21. Tallwind91 says:

    yo bigblack! could you do this “shuffle” while in a earthquake?

  22. Tallwind91 says:

    bigblack my nigga!

  23. chinnno19 says:

    yo dreezy do u play combat arms bro

  24. N1K0HARDSTYLE says:


  25. sharkyonaleash says:

    ok i found da frekin’ name for da freakin’ first song, it’s “LCK – Bring It (K*N*G Remix), but i couldn’t find a download or even a video of da freakin’ song