AOB members that attended; Ninja Steve Kurt Schultzy Anthony Tiny Featuring, Max!
Video Rating: 0 / 5 for more. Pae & Sarah are two Melbourne Shufflers who feature in international music videos. This is a remix of a video they featured in 2009.
Video Rating: 0 / 5

50 Responses to “AOB PROJECT SHUFFLE 4 !!!”

  1. TheSil3nc3 says:

    pls song name 7:14

  2. TheSuperErikShun says:

    dam you guys are pretty sick

  3. GhostScopes says:


  4. Ninja looks like hes 1 stepping -.-

  5. shuffler2010 says:

    LOOK PEOPLE THEY WILLο»Ώ BE MORE MEET UPS RUN BY ME AND HSA SO CHILL! lol so try to make HSA abit bigger so please come to the next ones

  6. Rosey4249 says:

    You guys are awesome, i love your styles, Especially ninjas

  7. Tiffybabbeey says:

    The best shuffle crew out there!
    Loved it keep it up boys!

  8. shuffler2010 says:

    ANOTHER SHUFFLE MEET IN MELBOURNE THIS MONEY THE 5th OF APRIL. meet at Federation square.around midday MONDAY THE 5TH OF APRIL FED SQUARE SHUFFLE MEET . welcome to bring friends

  9. SareBear1231 says:

    These guuys r fucking hot as !!!

  10. Thisisntcaketown says:

    ahh sweet thanks


  11. Thisisntcaketown says:

    tracklist plz?

  12. XxEMOKID36Xx says:


  13. w00t schulitzy goes to my school πŸ˜€

  14. Kurt sucks the rest.. have style

  15. ShuffleCompilations says:

    and Maxx where matt shuffles! lol nice

  16. ShuffleCompilations says:

    Where Kurt’s rock, isnt that the place where Imzeh etc is shuffling to? ;o

  17. Gemstone1996 says:

    Oh im Gemma, πŸ™‚ I live In swan hill,
    Im Like a ah how do you put this a Big fan of your shuffling, and i was only joking about getting your number by the way.

  18. shuffler72 says:

    wtf liam u litte cunt ahah dont give my number out

  19. shuffler72 says:

    yes its my number now dont give it out nd hu are you :S ??

  20. AngelsOFBassCrew says:

    thanks man πŸ˜€
    dude got msn?

    – isaac

  21. Boysie003 says:

    ninja u rock man πŸ˜€ i back in swan hill now lol im missin sale πŸ™

  22. AngelsOFBassCrew says:

    read the description before you ask that again.. xP

    – that ninja kid! xD

  23. NikeMoviesStrike says:

    songlist please πŸ˜€ good vid 10/5

  24. Gemstone1996 says:

    Wanna come to swan hill, Pleaseee πŸ˜€

  25. Gemstone1996 says:

    Telstra? an how do i know this is his number? Hmmmm 0.o

  26. FlabbyTheJuice says:

    everyone check out my latest shuffle video!

  27. aknipe106 says:

    No offense, but I expected them to be uglier

  28. fantadavide says:

    i love sarah!

  29. jowjowbro says:

    @GlobalMusicStage your comment is funny cause you are 100% right xD

  30. @GlobalMusicStage haha xD

  31. GlobalMusicStage says:

    Comments on this video…
    About Sarah’s Tits: 94%
    About the Shuffling: 4%
    About Pae not wearing a damn hat: 1%
    About the music: 1%

  32. MsVictor1977 says:

    love this videos, they should make this video the official music video for this song!!! oh and yea! sarah look beatiful!!!

  33. Imblackhawk says:

    1:03 for a moment i tought you were jumping ^^

  34. ryang20089 says:

    @yakechuuu he was being sarcastic ….

  35. Yakechuuu says:

    @moneybaby31 She can hold them in with your stupidty. Thats how most (MOST) girls hold in thier tits >.<

  36. sarah du bist der abgefahrene ober hammer!!!kann nicht genug von dir bekommen

    mfg Daniel

  37. MrRussenPlayboy says:

    nice vid.

  38. moneybaby31 says:

    how can juss a tank top n bra hold her tits.?

  39. DavidBertrand11 says:

    Nice vid watch my vid to /watch?v=UVfEuaH and leave a comment please

  40. DavidBertrand11 says:

    Nice vid mn watch my vid to /watch?v=UVfEuaH and leave a comment please

  41. RedirectLeft says:


  42. Scooter – J’adore Hardcore is original video πŸ™‚

  43. smooth

  44. DurcheinanderWelt says:

    Okay i first thought that shuffle’s shit
    but then i saw this and fuck this is fucking great.
    Without the song it would never be as awesome as yet
    but fuck off great video.

  45. Amazing clip, it’s almost a selfstanding movie.
    You’re both awesome, keep up the great work πŸ˜‰

  46. rangernickk says:

    Sarah looks like kristen stewart o.O

  47. Ultimader says:

    *O* :3

  48. JuiceHardStyle says:

    hey guys watch my vid plz and ill suscribe you xD watch?v=5Z40oa6CIFg

  49. UnheiligerBlutengel says:

    mit dem vid habt ihr was gaaanz großes auf die beine gestellt πŸ™‚

  50. Pyrot3chn1ker says:

    Sahra yourΒ΄re soooooo sexy!!!! πŸ˜‰