Shuffle Group competiton at GLOW club
Video Rating: 4 / 5

48 Responses to “ApEkWhuuT Shuffle @ Downtown”

  1. MyArthurking says:

    fluffy guy does better then me

  2. Who said fat kids can’t shuffle..

  3. Beastwardo says:

    dam fat man can dance…jajajaja

  4. keynahRakinah says:

    hidop mati GEMOK KIA LA EHK!!!

  5. bubbab89 says:

    Fat dude’s got my vote

  6. lovetijuana says:

    yehhaa hardstyler fat guy jojoj!!! entusiastaa ke bienn ke le eche ganas 😛

  7. Achik at 0:53 …xD

  8. 1992KinG1992 says:

    fat guy is the best hahaha

  9. Song = Dark By Design – Money Shot

  10. graffiti246 says:

    what si name song plzz…..

  11. achik rawk!!

  12. BryanMDK says:


  13. LOL!!!!!!!! at the fat guy

  14. mysara0907 says:

    movie maker..hahaha

  15. he yust rockzzzz an HR also!!!!

  16. you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the best!!

  17. jacqaxcx says:

    Dark By Design - Money Shot

  18. xXHaoshiXx says:

    Apek you’re awesome =)

  19. SmartzTag says:

    Wooot..cayalah apek

  20. Danial90leo says:

    bng yng gmuk gler ah. rok on

  21. SUhaIMmE says:

    haha..guest what..that fat guy now is a dj lol!!i seen him at shuffle event spin electro songs with dj apekwhuut!!!!!

  22. haha..guest what..that fat guy now is a dj lol!!i seen him at shuffle event spin electro songs with dj apekwhuut!!!!!

  23. fat guy rawk ! ;D

  24. kamikaze378 says:

    what is name of this track

  25. MissUnique97 says:

    The best I have ever seen

  26. slaxjhonatan says:

    name song plz??

  27. ape lagu nie?

  28. seratheshuffle says:

    what song name please tell thnx

  29. zairiishah says:

    saya ingat asal usul saya 😛

  30. gorakaraz1 says:

    Old Skool JBrocka For life 🙂

  31. okaylahtu says:

    mcm persembahan budak2 tadika ketika hari guru

  32. gorakaraz1 says:

    ohh hehe… well hard to see not much light in there, anyway awesome :D

  33. gorakaraz1 says:

    So nice performance so nice shuffle thumbs up! 🙂

  34. minuskate says:

    DAMMIT!!! JB ROCKA!!!!! ROCK!!!!!

  35. gorakaraz1 says:

    hehe Apek you were almost sliping in the beginning of the Video,(1.10) :P isent it you apek to the right?

  36. budakmengarut says:


    nice song….

    tjuk lgu ni apa?

  37. loving this vid

  38. kechix08 says:

    erm…aku nk taw tajok lagu ni…plis…

  39. wow great shuffle jb, nice song to start out with haha!

  40. laraza00 says:

    whats the tracklist

  41. nice ..

  42. MalaysianShuffler says:

    serious aku ske tgk depa shuffle…

  43. Danielzz says:

    hey apek whats the first song called the pink panther one my fav song been looking everywere and i cant find it well tell me it on msn or just type it here =] thnxz
    btw new videos of me coming soon and my group gonna be crazy

  44. apekwhuut says:

    hehhe pink panther own!!!

  45. kev90lee says:

    nice 1 pek.. was kinda farnie 2..
    heh.. xD

  46. izmeerul says:

    im one of the judges for glow shuffle comp at that night.. to tell you the truth i give 55/60 points for JB ROCKA…they champ for the group categories… keep it hard guyz..!! best showmanship and IVAN i like ur style… nice spin and good hat trick!!!

    ceo :hardstyle republic..peace!!

  47. JimHARDSEQUENCEClanz says:


  48. apekwhuut says:

    nice with same style.. lol