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25 Responses to “Azmer Tribute”

  1. UsVPNecrokiller says:

    @rumertey Azmer own. Because Azmer is using Merl + Hard …

  2. jeman3rd says:

    OMG!! my local shuffler!! wwoohho!!!

  3. T0ZanarKand says:

    i met him at uni, his a mad kent

  4. meelnoob123 says:

    jyeah azmer the best melbourne shuffler 😀

  5. come back to austria azmer

  6. TrebelRebel says:

    @Bommer129 I never knew that bro. Azmer has always been my inspiration. Everyone around here says “ajam yeh!” but fuck that! AZMER ALL THE FUCKING WAY! good to know that one of my local shufflers has a good opinion on the shuffle!

  7. cloudc017 says:

    simply legend..respect…

  8. adeescooter says:

    arhh wish he didnt retire

  9. TrebelRebel says:

    hella nice!

  10. robheaton123 says:


  11. cekodokpisang says:

    azmer memank rulez da shuffle ni
    bapa shuffle malaysia

  12. HardItuCara says:

    flashback! i love this song

  13. alvarado12345678910 says:

    ddude this guy makes it look bad ass cause of hand movements cant really say hes the best cause there’s different styles but totally a great shuffler

  14. i like mikki and azmer.
    Azmer has that badass old school style.
    Mikki has the great new day shuffle.
    dont be hatin..ugh…sun 😀 lol

  15. Me and my friends make the oldschool shuffle, it rly rox, and ppl rly think it looks great .. hardstyle is just to aggresive imo 🙂

  16. Me and my friends dont make hardstyle shuffle but dances like the relaxed old school style, et rly rox, and ppl likes it 🙂

  17. Bommer129 says:

    It’s a shame not many Malaysians shuffle nowadays like Azmer did, everyone just hardstyles now =_=. Respect to my old school idol!

  18. one of my best shuffler mate

  19. strippingcthulhu says:

    Greatest shuffler who ever lived.

  20. slashdsd says:

    azmer LOVE

  21. mrpeanut25 says:

    keep it oldskool lads

    Excellent shuffling

  22. SidHARDtha says:

    good rmx from Flashback

  23. mav12345341 says:

    i would say SHUFFLE AT ITS FINAL

  24. rrsblack says:

    This sound track is fuckin great!!

  25. robheaton123 says:

    Azmer destroy mikki !!!