BASS AGENT - Black Winter PROMO THANK YOU FOR THE AGENTS: XT-Acid Didjital Ganjaguru FULL BAXX ARMY Featuring: Aaron Andii Abangben Apekwhuut Amirul Azrul Danielzz Ganjaguru Mikki Prodgy Jason Jericho Jeffery Tam William and Etc.. And thanks for ours BAXX ARMY & FRIENDS to support. website: THX FOR WATCHING =) PLS RATE AND COMMENT.. SUBSCRIBE MY VIDEOS TO NEW VIDEO RELEASED =]
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “BASS AGENTS – Black Winter PROMO”

  1. rubiks121 says:

    lol i love how u cant actually shuffle to that song

  2. rubiks121 says:

    this is true techno, dubstep tried to copy this and turned it into shit, even the dance is a shitty ripoff of shuffling

  3. Knugent54321 says:

    I just ordered my v2 10th anniversary BAXX hoodie 😀

  4. Kylie7Nev13 says:

    Daaaaamn !

  5. TheSnipermalta says:

    i cant shuffle :9 im always fockin drunk. irish pride :O

  6. Knugent54321 says:

    Was 8:20 at the carpark in 1 Utama?!?

  7. Knugent54321 says:

    Got to bassagents(dot)com, go to store, then click the link!
    They have stuff there, hope you find something…:/

  8. ArexShortpaw says:

    This song is the shit~

  9. thiennnnnnnn says:

    they dont make them anymore :P

  10. mh3slayer says:

    yep train for a long time and you will look like them

  11. Ziommeek says:

    evrybody can just try and train! : D
    pozdro z pl

  12. jerrrre says:

    shuffle baybee shuffle!

  13. MrEpicVegeta says:

    Anyone know where to get a baxxx v2 classic hoddie?? Been trying to find them but can’t or the amnesia hoddie?

  14. nerz89 says:

    well said

  15. skybite95 says:

    this was great during my shuffle generation which was 3 years ago. Now, people dance to crappy music and gay-ish movements.

  16. AIienware says:

    who still shuffle after that every day im shuffling song?

  17. RaveTonic says:

    One of my Favorite Songs Featuring awesome Shufflers ….. I Like ! Greetz From Germany <3

  18. drago2021 says:

    Yeah, now people don’t even shuffle to hardstyle anymore :/

  19. johnfre2 says:

    2 years back this shit was more awesome

  20. SGPanzer says:


    How about this? 🙂

  21. nashEX1 says:

    yeah!!!!!!bass agent!!!!!!!!you are the best

  22. SPFICEMFINE says:

    5:46 he’s the best shuffler in this video

  23. mysterynoodles says:

    Oh, melbourne good old days

  24. Hanif96boy says:

    ★☆ Thumbs up if this song were full + HD !!!!! (Go Bass Agents!!!!!!!) ★☆