Never really do hardstyle shuffling but i decided to just cuase :p -Time shuffling:3 years -Crews: Only communities I own for Expressing instead of impressio...
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16 Responses to “Bass Catalyst Tryout | GIO”

  1. Jonah Nadam says:

    YAh go Oregon. I live in Portland. Great Shuffle!

  2. brotherBvideos says:

    awww…sorry to hear that bro…Ive been to Sydney and Brisbane…its
    paradise, u’ll love it…and sorry again, I thought you meant if we’re a
    ‘real group’ of friends, that we’d actually watch the whole vid…my bad.

  3. GioCanShuffle says:

    thanks! this is old tho :p

  4. Nice shuffle man, I myself am starting to learn how to melbourne shuffle.
    My friend introduced me to it, check out his videos! HarderRagestyle
    <------ Also, I was wondering what track you were playing on your softer stuff portion for last, would love to have it.

  5. FreakSaw187 says:

    Good luck buddy πŸ˜‰

  6. Kamikaze Ismani says:

    You got something I don’t have, Gio. It’s called diversity πŸ˜€

  7. GioCanShuffle says:

    Really!? thanks! and i am not going anymore πŸ™ buncha shit happend…so i
    wait until next year πŸ™‚ and your the leader of bass cata or?

  8. Kamikaze Ismani says:

    Newcastle Rockers? Cool, I take a lot of inspiration from their flow. It’s
    been a year now, but I can call half of it wasted due to me being sort of a
    07 fanboy πŸ˜›

  9. anders pedersen says:

    oh you have the River flows in you remix πŸ™‚ my fav song atm <3 gj

  10. GioCanShuffle says:

    naw man πŸ™‚ your good, you look like castle rockers almost. how long you
    been shuffling? yujust need more practice and ud be as good as me

  11. GioCanShuffle says:

    message me your facebook along with the time of the track u want

  12. GioCanShuffle says:

    thanks! got facebook?

  13. brotherBvideos says:

    thank you Gio…you’ll always be an inspiration to me bro…great energy by
    the way, killer spins…hope your Australia trip went well =) and I’m a
    real group HeeHee

  14. GioCanShuffle says:


  15. emmanuel hinojosa says:

    pretty good man an sorry i decided to stalk you after you compented me on
    impacts vid xD

  16. Exile Michael says:

    yo Chov, we are in the same crew. he already knows me lmao