Be and Slim rocking. BLR.
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WE're just having some fun one summer day, shuffling=] VaNgeL - Quangern YG - Yakup Gøzlek Uy - Uy^^ Q Jr - My lil brother 10 years old And thnx to my bro for helping me with the editing: Enjoiii =D

50 Responses to “Be And Slim Basement Rock”

  1. brayitonnfilms says:


    into deep (slideout remix) – technoboy

  2. brayitonnfilms says:


    but theres only two! hahah

  3. BeBeDream1 says:

    @ImthePelican Yeeeuuuup! Sort of puts you in your own little world because you don’t really see the people around you, which makes you shuffle a lot better. There isn’t as much pressure on you in a way.

  4. pspgame1993 says:

    h00000o0o0o0o0o !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. brayitonnfilms says:


    nope, phatts are the worst creation in our lifetime

  6. corsair0001 says:

    nice, need to get the right pants though. without them the illusion just isn’t there.

  7. ImthePelican says:

    @EssBabee Everybody looks down for some reason, Cwalkers, shufflers, I dont know. its a force of habit. You can’t exactly just stop.

    I always look down. I dont know why, maybe its cause I’m insecure and dont like to look at the expressions on people.

  8. Love techno ,electronic sound and the girls are super =)

  9. jibba0jabba1 says:

    both are awesome but Be you need to look straight ahead not down at yr feet… other than that awesome!!!!!

  10. WrongTypeOfBread says:

    ok guys, fuck one, kill one, marry one, GO!

  11. Jenii647VC says:

    slim your AWESOME!

    whats the name of the song????

  12. awsome shuffle. check out my beyond vid!

  13. DarkBrownVideos says:

    awesome!!:)=) go go :D:) awesome

  14. raulgomez777 says:

    dont mean to be a party pooper but uhg how your knees are gonna ache later in life : or maybe i shuffled way too hard back when I used to lol

  15. PolarTouch says:

    @brayitonnfilms why would you say that :'(

  16. brayitonnfilms says:


    you have 7 days to live.

  17. brayitonnfilms says:


    for the love of god LICK MY BALLS!!!

    thumbs up period. 🙂

  18. PolarTouch says:

    slim reminds me of the grudge D:

  19. EssBabee says:

    For thee love of god DON’T LOOK DOWN WHEN YOU SHUFFLE !
    Haha thumbs up if you agree ! (:

  20. pskiller99 says:

    @OBEYxSLIM Why is that so bad? :$ ” I ” only look to your feet, Not to your Face / Body >.<

  21. brayitonnfilms says:

    @10skyhigh10 wasnt a battle

  22. 10skyhigh10 says:

    Slim won lol

  23. MELYYJELYY says:

    slim, your an awesome shuffler!

  24. slim ur hella sexzy , cheers

  25. @OBEYxSLIM the way you started with like the crossovers, looked dope, and the hair going everywhere was sexy (:

  26. QLIMa1000 says:

    so what +.+

  27. QLIMa1000 says:

    so what +.+

  28. CandyCre says:

    @QLIMa1000 Look at the date this was released, retard -.-

  29. QLIMa1000 says:

    herre guud eg kan fucking powna alle i olso til at shuffle og eg bor i danmark !! herre gud eg har ikke set en eneste enda som kan shuffle ordenli !!! ta dere sammen!!

  30. tryllernc says:

    alle sangene er bra – kjente 😛

  31. MiniRossin says:

    hahha se på Zain :L

  32. MiniRossin says:

    Hahhaha se gutta a :L Lil Q er bare best da!

  33. Modernwarfaregameful says:

    Har ingen av dere hørt om: Phat pants? xD

  34. ProPkerTheWar says:

    lol’d at løki as HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

  35. SixyIceMaker says:

    fedt! ser man ikke meget af i danmark desværre

  36. Liindaax3 says:

    @toxi382 hvem gjør sånt lol

  37. skulle nesten tro at det ble spolt på 0:06

  38. CandyCre says:

    Kjente ikke igjen Uy/Wii jeg xD

  39. battleclan says:

    hva heter sangen ?

  40. Navnet på 2. sangen? Husker ikke navnet, ahhh. Hjelp! Bra shuffling =)

  41. Keep practacing my norwegian brothers !!!

  42. Liindaax3 says:

    hehe i c! ty then;)

  43. PHFBrisbane says:

    @Liindaax3 good 5/5
    Noen er gode, noen er dårlige

  44. Liindaax3 says:

    that was good cooomment og baad?

  45. PHFBrisbane says:

    That’s fucking quality.

  46. Oslosfantasi says:

    har du det bra?

  47. hoppkanin says:

    hehe ja,men digger shuffle, er bare 19 så… er så keen på å lære det 😛 oppmøte et sted? =)

  48. Liindaax3 says:

    hehe. jobber der faktisk? lærer? jaja ofc shuffla en del på bjørnholt før

  49. hoppkanin says:

    Shuffle er best,Ironisk som faen at jeg jobber på bjørnholt. liindaax3? keen på å lære meg eller?

  50. neinei:P sa bare min mening:P